Disco Diamonds by Play’n GO

Disco fever!

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Disco Diamonds is a new slot from Play’n GO with 5 reels, 3 lines and 243 ways to win. It is classified as highly volatile, and has a max win of 10,000 x bet!


The front of the game looks quite modern, but the reels have old school symbols. Lowest paying symbols are represented by lemons, cherries and bars. The highest ones are 7 (double and triple) and diamonds.




There is also 2 different wilds, standard silver discoball and golden one. If you land 5 standards one in a row, you will be paid 50 x your bet. If you land one or more special ones, Disco ReSpin is launched. This means that wilds are locked and wins are multiplied by 2. During this function, if you land more wilds, they will launch a new re-spin and multiplier will increase. There is no limit how many re-spins you can get.

Scatter symbol can land to reels 1, 3 and 5. This launches bonus feature. In this feature, reels will award you cashprizes up to 50 times your bet or 5-20 free spins.

Max. payout in this slot can be achieved during the free spins. All wilds are specials and re-spins can also launch during this feature. 


Test this slot at chanz.com today!


18/21+ Play responsibly.

Challenge-O-Mania ⚔

Challenge-O-Mania is here!

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Between 26.10-01.11 you will get extra rewards for completing and playing challenges at Chanz! You will automatically get free spins for every 3 challenges that you complete – no matter if you lose or win the actual challenge. So as the well-known saying goes; third time’s the charm here, quite literally!

But wait, there is more! You will also get 1 ticket for the main raffle for every 3 challenges that you complete. The raffle will be held on 02.11 and from that you have a Chanz to win cash prize of €250, €150 or €100!

In order to complete a challenge, you need to place bets for a minimum of €3 during the challenge.




Halloween 2020 Winners!

And we have the winners!



500 EUR =  Marge V

300 EUR = Eeri K

200 EUR = Tiina K


25 players who received the 100 free spins (will be credited on your next login):


Veera A

Riina P

Rita K

Aivar V

Piret P

Marje M

Kasso L

Dimitri L

Hanna K

Danel F

Igor M

Katariina J

Piret P (2 x Piret with almost same name 🙂 )

Sini N

Cristin I

Marko A

Hilma T

Aare M

Niko H

Urve P

Küllike R

Kille P

Lili T

Jane K

Pasi K




Congratulations to all the winners and stay tuned for more competitions!


Winter is here – remember reflector!

Reflector – Finnish creation

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Did you know, that this life saving small equipment is originally a finnish invention? There was earlier patents for traffic signs in Usa though, but the actual pedestrian/vehicle reflector was invented by mr Arvi Lehti. At first, it was not ment for pedestrians, but instead of his horses and carriages. In the 1960’s the reflector was introduced to Finns as safety equipment for pedestrians. Now they come in all kind of shapes and colours and are also attached to bicycles and other vehicles.


How does it work?

It works by reflecting light back to its source. When you wear it, it help car drivers to see you even as far as 600 meters away! Most of todays reflectors are made of plastic or use prismatic technology.


Chanz and reflectors

We at Chanz have our own reflectors aswell! Recently we had a small event in Tallinn for local expats, where we gave out them to people! The event was held in Baar Living Room Ät, which is a nice and cosy pub for some drinks 🙂












Stay safe and wear a reflector!





Yggdrasil: Hades GigaBlox

Meet the Greeks with Hades

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Yggdrasil is coming back with a Gigablox slot! As we remember, the first release in Gigablox series was Lucky Neko not that long time ago. This new release has a lot darker theme presenting the ancient underworld.



The intro is very impressive and cinematic. You will find yourself in a world hosted by Hades himself. The animations and designs are something unbeliavable here and same goes to the soundtrack and voice actor. This slot has incredible quality, that we havent seen from Yggdrasil before.

On the paper, this slot has medium volatility and the bonus will trigger theoritically on every 400 spins. Hitrate for the game in paper is 20.5 % and we can see that in this game, it is simple a quite fun and interactive to play with!



Well, the Gigablox is a nice feature itself and it will appear on every spin. It is connected to Hades Wild Hunt and free spins. The Gigablox feature changes on every spin, providing a huge variety to the game.

Randomly, a Hades Wild Hunt feature might start. Hades will start fighting the monster symbols and leaps in the action. All defeated monsters will turn in to wilds.

When landing 5 or more scatters, free spins are triggered. You will get as many free spins as there is scatters in the view. On every free spins, Hades Wild Hunt is also activated and every defeated monster will add +1 multiplier. When you have filled the bar, it will also add 2 extra free spins. Also each scatter landed during the spins will award 1 extra free spin!


Chanz verdict

It is very nice to see this kind of new thinking from Yggdrasil. The game is designed and finished with high standards, and it is a pleasure to play. As the volatility this slot is medium aswell, it is suitable for all kind of players. Test this slot at chanz.com today!



18/21+ Always play responsibly.


Big Time Gaming – Chocolates

Dripping the Sweet Stuff

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You might remember the famous slot from BTG – Donuts? Chocolate is picking up where the previous version left and is oozing the sweet stuff! This slot still looks small, but is full of potential, lets take a closer look!



The graphical elements and animations feels littlebit smoother this time. The game itself is sitting in the 4×4 grid surrounded by mountains, forests and meadows. Sounds are not that special, just some chirping bird noises, but they work quite well with this slot. As nice touch, there is cuckoo running out when bonus is awarded.

Chocolate has 256 ways to wins in regular play, but when box symbols are in play, it can go as high as 2,401 win ways without increasing the gamegrid.



As you can already imagine, this slot and its features are quite simple. The most important feature is the yellow boxes with text BTG on them. They can appear anywhere and can reveal up to 4 premium symbols. If you have more than one box in view, they will always reveal the same symbol.


The second feature is of course free spins. If you get 3 (7 freespins) and 4 clock hands scatter will give you 10 free spins. When the feature starts, one or more of the scatters will turn into a sticky box. All box symbols during the free spins are sticky. If a full reel is covered by these boxes, 3 extra free spins are awarded.


Chanz verdict

This slot has a very high volatility, but this was expected. Gameplay might seem a littlebut uneventful, but since Chocolates offers massive win possibilites, it is very interesting to play when you know there is huge rewards waiting when you hit the “good run”. Max win for this slot is huge 65,536 in one single spins. Overall, this is a good game but not that different from Donuts.


Check this game at chanz.com today!


18/21+ Always play responsible!

Trick or Treat?

Its Halloween time!

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No tricks, only treats! Between 02.10-22.10 there will be various spooky looking badges hidden in random places on our site. Collect as many as you can and win big cash prizes and free spins! You can find up to 8 badges daily.

Collect at least 24 badges during the campaign to participate in the main raffle held on 23.10, where you have a Chanz to win cash prizes and free spins! In total we will raffle €1000 in cash prizes. €500 for the first place, €300 for the second and €200 for the third. 25 players will also win 100 free spins each.



You can find up to 3 different Free Spin badges every day. The regular Free Spin badge will give random Free Spins to yourself and if you are really lucky, you can also find a Super Chanz badge which gives you 50 Free Spins instantly! On top of these two, you can find a Friend badge, which entitles you to give your friend or another player 10 Free Spins.





18/21+ Always play responsibly

Winners – Best slot 2020

And we have the winners!


50 EUR Mikko L

30 EUR Rivo O

10 EUR Aki S


10 Free spins to Great Rhino Megaways went to:


Aire L, Sigmund G, Marlene J, Annela K, Sander L, Sanna K, Roman B, Lilia T, Malle V, Per R, Jarno H, Tero R, Lina K, Andrus O, Allan F
Veera A, Marko V, Denise J, Risto S, Elina SL, Riitta K, Tanja ST, Helena G, Tarja S and Sakari T.

Free spins are credited on your next login!


Congratulations to all the winners!



RTP – What it is?

What is RTP?

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Sometimes you might come across the term RTP when playing online casino games. The definition of this three-letter word is Return To Player. To put things simple, RTP means the theoretical percentage that a casino returns to a player on slot machines. With table games, the term used for this is “house edge”. Both terms RTP and “house edge” refer to the same thing.


First, let’s take a closer look at RTP percentage. Every slot machine has its own RTP percentage which is normally somewhere between 94 to 99. For example, if the RTP of a certain game is 95%, it means a return of 95 euros for an investment of 100 euros. It is important to realise that the RTP percentage applies to a significant number of game plays only, not to each individual occasion the slot is being played. For example, if a slot shows a 95% RTP, you shouldn’t expect to win an average of 95 euros for every 100 euros you stake during a playing session.


When playing online casino games, you need to remember that the house, or the casino, always has the edge. If the RTP of a certain game was 100%, it would also mean, that the player and the casino were in the same position.


What is a good RTP?


You can find the RTP of a certain game normally on the slots’ info page in the casino. In Chanz casino this information is easily available, but if you can’t find the RTP for the game, you can find it easily online. Just use your search engine and type RTP + the game’s name on the search field and you can find the RTP fast and efficiently.


What is a good RTP percent then? As stated above, the RTP normally varies from 94 to 99 in slot games. You should target on games which have an RTP of more than 96. Usually the new casino games have an RTP between 96-98, meaning that below 95 is low and more than 98 is really high. Some games might have an RTP of more than 99, but that usually refers to specially priced bonus rounds which are significantly more expensive for the player than the normal rounds.


Best RTP games


If you want to discover games with some of best RTP percentages available, you should try these slots at Chanz casino.


1429 Uncharted Seas – 98.6%

1429 Uncharted Seas is a five reel slot with twenty five paylines by a/the well-known gaming company Thunderkick. The theme of the game is a sea adventure, taking place some six hundred years ago. 1429 has an amazing RTP percent which goes as high as 98.6.


Blood Suckers – 98%

Blood Suckers is a classic vampire themed game from NetEnt. This game has a low variance and an RTP of 98%, which means this slot will give a load of small wins with a high return to the player.


Starmania – 97.87%

NextGen created a Starburst-themed slot a few years back and it features 10 paylines to both directions. This game has a double-your-wins option. The RTP is 97.87%.


Kings Of Chicago – 97.8%

Kings Of Chicago by NetEnt is a nice and unique slot. In this game your goal is to gain the best poker hand out of five hands dealt on a single deal. This game has a whopping 97.8% RTP.


Devil’s Delight – 97.6%

Devil’s Delight is one the most popular NetEnt slots. This game features a truly demonic style, lost souls, beautiful creatures and a nice RTP of 97.6%



Of course the main criteria for choosing a slot machine isn’t usually the RTP. You should pick the slot that you really like, and then, if the RTP is good enough, it will be a good match. Have the best of luck at Chanz casino!



Jackpot won at Chanz!

Jackpot time at Chanz!

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One lucky player from Estonia won the Jackpot worth of 162.545 EUR here at chanz.com! Team Chanz congratulates the lucky player!

The news of the win has also reached Postimees (one of the biggest newspapers in Estonia).


We contacted the winner via phone, and asked Magnus few questions after the massive win:


What have you planned to do with the win?
First i will pay all my bills and then to do some investments for the future.
When did you started to play at Chanz?
About a year ago, i saw my niece playing here and decided to try aswell
How often do you play casino games, do you play only online?
2-4 times per week, and im playing only online (and at Chanz)
Do you have any favourite slot that you usually play?
Not really, but i favour the different jackpot slots, like the one i got this win.

Sisters of Oz: WowPot

This mighty Jackpot was won as WowPot in the new slot of Sisters of Oz.

Triple Edge Studios has done it once again…with Microgaming to produce a progressive slot, and Sisters of OZ WowPot comes with a Jackpot Wheel that will be triggered randomly as you collect special Oz gold coins during gameplay.


18/21+ Play responsibly


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