May Badge Campaign Winners!!

Cash prices:

1st place 300€ – Riina P. #riinap47
2nd place 200€ – Merike T. #meriket98
3rd place 100€ – Jaan S. #jaans59


50 free spins:


Ivo K ivok88
Mika B mikab64
Mikael O mikaelo63
Kalle K kristjank31
Riina L riinal64
Eva A evaa83
Ivo A ivoa94
John N johnn85
Oleksii M oleksiim24
Marju N marjun38
Gajane R gajaner21



Congratulations to the winners!


18/21+ Play responsibly.



Taco Fury XXXtreme – NetEnt

Taco Fury XXXtreme – NetEnt

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When you first hear the name of NetEnt’s latest release, Taco Fury XXXtreme, you might be expecting to see a slot with some kind of Mexican theme and we can’t blame you – that was our initial thought as well! That guess would be completely wrong however, as NetEnt has done something very different here with this release and the game is actually about a Zombie Chef, who is serving tacos filled with brains and eyeballs from his apocalyptic food truck. That might help explain the XXXtreme part in the games title, but lets take a bit closer look on its actual features.



The game is built on five reels with three rows of symbols on each of them, creating a total of 9 winlines for the player. Additionally there is one extra reel going horizontally above your normal reels, and this is where the secret sauce for the tacos comes into play! The horizontal reel only features blank empty spots and Wild Explosion symbols, which can land on top of your three middle-most reels meaning reel numbers 2, 3 and 4. These are the most important symbols in the whole game as everything is built around this one feature.

Now to get those Wild Explosion symbols actually activated from the vertical reel, you also need to land a regular Taco Wild symbol on the normal reel below it. When this happens the Wild Explosion symbol will be dropped from the vertical reel and as it is mixed together with the normal Taco Wild symbol below, it will create a Wild Explosion special modifier according to the color of the Wild Explosion symbol from the vertical reel;

Orange Wild Explosion: Increases the activating Taco Wilds multiplier by +1 and adds new Taco Wild symbols on adjacent reels
Red Wild Explosion: Increases the activating Taco Wilds multiplier by +1 and adds new Taco Wild symbols on the same reel above and below the activating symbol
Purple Wild Explosion: Increases the activating Taco Wilds multiplier by +1 and adds two or three new Taco Wild symbols on random positions

After the Wild Explosion modifiers have been applied, all the Wild symbols on your reels will be stickied to their place and the remaining normal symbols will do a free respin.

In the countries where Bonus Buy option is available, you can also buy the XXXtreme Spins feature directly. This feature just guarantees that you will get a Wild Explosion symbol(s) on the following spin. You pay either 20x your stake to get one guaranteed Wild Explosion symbol, or 60x your stake to get two guaranteed Wild Explosion symbols.


Chanz verdict

The graphical design of the game is pretty wild and extreme indeed, but other than that this is actually very mellow game that is well suited even for very casual players. It has a low volatility, meaning that you will get small wins often as opposed to getting bigger wins but more rarely. The maximum win you can win from the game with one spin is only 533x your stake which is definitely on the lower side compared to many other slots, but it suits well for a low volatility installment like this one. Head to the food truck and order some extreme tacos yourself at!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.

Jammin’ Jars – Push Gaming

Jammin’ Jars – Push Gaming

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It is time to get groovy! Jammin’ Jars is without a doubt one of Push Gaming’s most popular slots and it is quite easy to see why. It was initially released almost five years ago in September 2018, and since then its popularity and recognition among the players worldwide has only grown and gotten bigger! Due to its success, Push Gaming also released a sequel for it in June 2021 which is simply called Jammin’ Jars 2. Lets take a closer look of the features in the original slot to find out why exactly it is so popular!



The game utilizes the so called grid mechanic and is built on a 8×8 sized grid with a fruity disco-theme. As usually in these grid style slots, wins are paid out for a symbol clusters of five or more matching symbols. Once a win happens, the winning symbols will be removed on the grid and the remaining symbols collapse downwards as new symbols are dropped in to fill the gaps. There are six regular symbols that are represented by different fruits, and then there are the stars of the whole show – the actual Jammin’ Jars.

The Jammin’ Jar symbol is definitely the most important symbol in the whole game and it is what makes the huge wins possible, which the game is really famous and known for. The Jammin’ Jar symbol acts as a multiplier Wild with no limit on its multiplier. When it is part of a winning symbol cluster, its multiplier will grow by 1x and it will stick on the grid, randomly moving to a new position adjacent to it as the normal symbols that were part of the win cluster will be removed. This means that theoretically the Jammin’ Jar symbol could be jumping around your grid raising its win multiplier forever – as long as new wins keep generating when it randomly moves and the new symbols are dropped in.

There can be multiple Jammin’ Jar symbols jumping around the grid at the same time, and if you get three or more of them on your grid at once you will trigger the Free Spin feature. This is where the fun really starts! You get six Free Spins to start with and unlike in the base game, now the Jammin’ Jar symbols will stick to your grid and change their position without losing their accumulated multiplier even if they are not part of a win on that particular cascade sequence. This can lead to some massive wins as if multiple Jammin’ Jar symbols are part of the same winning symbol cluster, their multipliers will be added together – meaning that you could get all your three (or more) Jammin’ Jar symbols close to each other and since they are also Wilds, you just need two matching normal symbols clustered with them to create a big win with all the three win multipliers added together from the Jars.

Finally there is also a Rainbow feature in the game, which can randomly trigger on a losing spin during the base game. When this happens, a rainbow will fly over your grid adding one or more giant fruit symbols in it, therefore making it easier to get a full cluster that generates a win.


Chanz verdict

As mentioned in the beginning of this review, honestly it is really easy to see why this game is so popular and liked among the players. Push Gaming has gotten the recipe just right here; essentially the game is really quite simple with just a few different cute and colorful symbols, and easy to understand features. Combine this with a groovy disco theme that is bound to make you jam, and the possibility of some huge over 10,000x your stake wins – you have a hit game on your hands. The game can be enjoyed by everyone and it is hard to find any real negative aspects of it. Check it out yourself at if you have never tried it before!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.

Cursed Seas – Games Global

Cursed Seas – Games Global

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Yarrr, are you ready to set the sails matey? It’s been a good while since we last saw a good pirate themed slot, but Cursed Seas fills this gap and does it very well. The game is developed by Hacksaw Gaming and published by Games Global. It has a pretty standard layout consisting of five reels with four rows of symbols in each of them, creating a total of 26 fixed winlines. Lets dive straight in and take a look at the other features it has to offer!



All in all this slot has quite simplistic features, which we see as a good thing as it means that the game is well suited for a broad range of players. It’s easy to understand and get into, so anyone can just start spinning and enjoying the game straight away.

During the base game the most important and prominent feature is definitely the Cursed Chest symbols. These symbols act as Wild-symbols with a twist; when you land one of them on your reels, it creates a cursed area from the position it landed on to the top of the reel if there is a win on the cursed area it would create. So if you land the symbol at the very bottom position on your reel, the whole reel becomes cursed, whereas landing it in the top row would create a cursed area covering only that top row spot. The Cursed Chest symbol also comes with a win multiplier that ranges from 2x to 200x, and all winning combinations that go through the cursed area the chest has created will get this win multiplier applied to them. It’s also possible to land multiple Cursed Chests on different reels and if you get a win going through multiple cursed areas their win multipliers will be added together. The game also has a normal Wild symbol, which is a regular chest symbol that does not include a win multiplier nor does it create any special areas like its cursed counterpart.

There are two different Free Spin features in the game and the first of them is called the Sunken Treasure bonus. This is triggered when you land three Lantern Scatter symbols anywhere on your reels and it starts with 10 Free Spins. This feature is basically an enhanced version of the base game, as it works exactly the same as the base game does but now the Cursed Chest symbols are always opened and activated even if there is no win on the cursed area it creates. Additionally the cursed area remains in its place for the whole duration of the Free Spins, and all the win multipliers from the Cursed Chest symbols are added to a total multiplier which affects all the cursed areas you have created.

The second Free Spin feature is called the Dead Men Tell No Tales bonus and this is triggered if you land four Lantern Scatter symbols during the base game. This is completely different style of bonus game, as now you get only three Free Spins to start with and there are only three different symbols that can land during the feature. Every time you land any of these three possible symbols, your Free Spin count will reset back to the initial three Free Spins. The three different symbols you can land are the Cursed Skull symbol, Tormented Skull symbol and Kraken symbol. The Cursed Skull symbol has a win multiplier of 1x-500x and it also creates a cursed area from its position to the top of the reel, just like the Cursed Chest does in the base game. The Tormented Skull has a win multiplier of 2x-25x which is applied only to the reel it landed on. The Kraken symbol has a win multiplier of 1x-500x which is added to all five reels. Landing no symbols at all will of course decrease your Free Spin count and the feature ends when all of your Free Spins are used – essentially when you get three spins in a row without any symbols landed. When the feature ends all of your collected win multipliers are added together and paid out.


Chanz verdict

Overall we really enjoyed this game. The ghost pirate theme is awesome and goes well with the games graphics depicting the dark and stormy seas. The soundtrack is also worth mentioning, as it manages to create a quite eery atmosphere and there are some cool sound effects that go along with it. Finally as mentioned in the beginning, the slot is quite simplistic and easy to get into, but there are still good amount of content in it like the two different Free Spin features which keeps things interesting. We can recommend this slot for everyone so head to to try it out yourself!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.

WowPot April winners

..and the winners are:


1st place 500€ – Oleg R. #olegr65
2nd place 200€ – Aime P. #aimep32
3rd place 100€ – Rasmus T. #rasmust11
4th place 50€ – Annika M. #annikam76


25 EUR:

Liisi L. #liisil42

Werner-V K. #veikok53

Triin S. #s47

Piia T. #piiat15

Marko N. #markon88

Raidi R. #raidir94


Congratulations to the winners!


18/21+ Always play responsibly 2023


April Treasure Hunt – Winners

and the winners are…


1st place 200€ – Malle V. #mallev42
2nd place 100€ – Marko N. #markon88
3rd place 50€ – Siim P. #siimp91


Winners of 10 EUR


Timo O timoo54
Mariann M mariannm46
Irmeli E irmelie84
Sami K samik15
Renee K reneek79
Hille T hillet98
Tõnu S tõnus77
Petra J T jeanettet916
Pilvi R pilvir18
Kerli H kerlih67
Laine N lainen76
Pille R piller72
Õilme S õilmes15
Kasper Astrup C kasperc14
Heidi D heidid49
Anja Dorthe A anjaa24
Francisc-Elisei P franciscp42















If you completed all the tasks, 50 FS will be credited on your next login!


Congratulations! 2023


18/21+ Always play responsibly

Jiggly Cash – Thunderkick

Jiggly Cash – Thunderkick

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Thunderkick’s latest release Jiggly Cash is a playful game featuring cute Jiggly-creatures adventuring in their utopistic looking Jiggly-kingdom, where everything seems to be made out of colorful jellies. Can you find the keys that will unlock the gates to the golden riches?


Watch this review as video:




The game itself is built on a 6×5 sized grid, where wins are paid for 8 or more matching symbols, no matter where the symbols are actually located on the grid. Therefore this game doesn’t really have a set number of winlines, and the only thing that really matters is the number of matching symbols you manage to land on your grid. After a win the Avalanche mechanic comes into play, meaning that all your winning symbols will be removed from the grid and replaced with new symbols – and this goes on for as long as there are no new wins forming from the new symbols.

There are no Wild-symbols in the game, but there are some other special symbols to keep an eye for; the Multiplier symbols and the Mystery symbols. The Multiplier symbols come in values of 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 25x, 50x, 100x and 250x, and to activate the multiplier you need to land the Multiplier symbol or symbols adjacent to your winning symbols. You can activate more than one multiplier at once and then their multipliers will be added together. Activated Multiplier symbols will be removed along with your winning symbols and the total multiplier is then applied to the total win for the ongoing Avalanche sequence.

Just like the Multiplier symbols, the Mystery symbols are activated exactly the same way by landing one directly next to your normal winning symbols. When this happens, the Mystery feature will be triggered and it upgrades all instances of one random lower tier symbol to a higher tier symbol.

Finally the game also has a Free Spin feature, which is triggered when you land three Bonus symbols anywhere on your grid. You get 10 free spins to start the feature with, but if you manage to land three more Bonus symbols during the feature you get five extra free spins. The Free Spin feature works exactly like the base game with one major difference; the multipliers from Multiplier symbols do not reset between spins. Instead you have a JigglyBank where the multipliers are collected, so your win multiplier can only grow for the duration of the feature. It is important to note though, that you still need to land at least one Multiplier symbol in order for the JigglyBank multiplier to be applied for that spin – so if you land no Multiplier symbols, there wont be any multiplier applied to the win either.


Chanz verdict

We really like the “pay anywhere” system where you get wins no matter where the symbols are located on your grid. It’s a refreshing change from the traditional winline-based slots, where you can have the needed amount of symbols for a win but if they are not in the correct order you wont win anything. In this game none of that matters, you just need to hope for enough matching symbols to land on your grid! The Free Spin feature with the unlimited accumulating win multiplier is very cool addition as well and worth the grind to get there, as that can result in some really big wins. Overall, this is a well thought-out slot even though the candy/jelly theme is nothing special in itself. Try it out yourself at!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.

April Badge campaign winners

And the winners are…


1st place 300€ – Janar K. #janark71
2nd place 200€ – Anne A. #anner48
3rd place 100€ – Tanel R. #tanelr24


10 players who won 50 free spins, spins will be credited on your next login

  1. Merje M. #merjem89
  2. Jonna K-.K. #jonnakk25
  3. Kersti D. #kerstid87
  4. Triin P. #triinp21
  5. Marko V. #markov26
  6. Silvi L. #silvil38
  7. Kätlin-K. K. #kätlink67
  8. Heike P. #heikep47
  9. Mirkko K. #mirkkok63
  10. Eija R. #eijar83


Congratulations to the winners!


Always play responsibly.


18/21+ 2023

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Evolution of Online Slot Machines

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Since their invention in the late 1800s, slot machines have been a staple of the gambling industry. As technology has evolved, these classic casino fixtures have found new life in the digital realm. The history of online gaming with slot machines is a fascinating journey that has seen many twists and turns, ultimately leading to the sophisticated and entertaining options we enjoy today. Let’s explore the milestones and innovations that have shaped this thriving industry.


The Dawn of the Digital Age: The 1990s

The first online casinos emerged in the mid-1990s, thanks to advancements in the internet and computer technology. Microgaming, a software company founded in 1994, is widely regarded as the pioneer of online casino gaming. They introduced the first online casino in 1996, and soon after, the first online slot machine was born. These early online slots were simple and limited in features, but they laid the foundation for a new era in gambling.


The Rise of the Video Slot: The 2000s

The new millennium saw rapid advancements in technology and internet connectivity, paving the way for a fresh wave of online slot machine innovation. With the introduction of video slots, game developers began to push the boundaries of the traditional slot format. Video slots featured immersive graphics, thematic designs, and engaging storylines, offering players an unprecedented gaming experience.

During this period, developers such as NetEnt and Playtech emerged as industry leaders, creating iconic titles like Starburst and Age of the Gods. Another significant development in online slot machines was the introduction of progressive jackpots, which linked multiple games together and allowed players to win life-changing sums of money.


The Mobile Revolution: The 2010s

The 2010s ushered in the era of mobile gaming, with smartphones and tablets becoming the preferred devices for many online casino players. Developers quickly adapted to this trend, optimizing their games for mobile play and creating dedicated mobile apps. This accessibility made online slot machines even more popular, as players could now spin the reels from virtually anywhere.


The Present and Future: VR, AI, and Beyond

Today, online slot machines have come a long way from their humble beginnings. They offer a rich variety of themes, features, and bonus rounds, ensuring that there is something for everyone. As we look to the future, we can expect even more immersive experiences, with the integration of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.



The history of online gaming with slot machines is a testament to the power of innovation and the resilience of the gambling industry. From simple beginnings in the 1990s to the immersive and sophisticated options available today, online slots have consistently evolved to captivate and entertain players around the world. As technology continues to advance, we can only anticipate what exciting developments the future holds for these digital casino classics.



18/21+ Always play responsibly. 2023


Responsible Gaming

5 Tips for Responsible Gaming


Visiting an online casino can be a fun and exciting way to pass the time, but it’s important to always practice responsible gaming habits to ensure that it also remains a positive and fun experience like it should be. We have collected a few great tips for a great checklist that you can keep on your mind when playing. Take a look at these five tips which are aiming for responsible gaming habits!


  1. Set limits: Before you start playing on any casino, decide on a budget for yourself up front and stick to it no matter what. This will help you avoid spending money that you did not originally intent to play and it helps to keep your gaming activities under control in general.


  1. Take breaks (often): Playing for long extended periods of time can lead not only to general fatigue but also impulsive decision making which could cause trouble in the heat of the moment.  Remember to take regular breaks for resting and to clear your head before returning to the games.


  1. Be aware of the time: It’s easy to lose track of the time while you are really having fun playing games, and that is exactly why it is also important to set a time limit for yourself. This will help you avoid spending too much time, as the gaming session will end exactly on the moment you have decided beforehand with time limits.


  1. Never chase losses: Losing is a natural part of games that are considered gambling, and it is very important that you will never try to chase any possible losses by continuing to play when you feel like you have lost too much already. This is important as it can often lead to even more losses or hasty decisions, and in general it simply forms very unhealthy gaming habits.


  1. Seek help if needed: Even when taking the necessary precautions, gaming can become a problem for some individuals. If you feel like you already have a problem with spending too much time or money playing games, seek help from a professional! See the list at the end of this article who to contact in your country.


These are just a few tips to remind and help you to form healthy habits when it comes to gaming and having fun with online games. Always remember that the main intention of these kind of games is to entertain and be a fun thing to enjoy and pass the time with, so it is important to stay in control of your habits to also keep it that way.


Help resources available:


MTÜ Eesti Hasartmängusõltlaste Ühing:

Hasartmängusõltuvuse Nõustamiskeskus:




Nimettömät pelurit:





Spelberoendes riksförbund: 




Stop Spillet:


ROW (Rest of World)

Gambling Therapy: 


Gamblers Anonymous:



18/21+ Always play responsibly.