Airfryer – is it cheaper?

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How much cheaper is it to use an air fryer instead of the oven



The cost of living seems to be going up in an eternal spiral at the moment, and we are all looking for ways to cut back on our bills and our expenses.

Energy is a huge money drain, with the average cost of electricity rising to 50c cent per kilowatt.


How does an airfryer work?

An airfryer isn’t really a ‘fryer’ at all, it is more like a counter top, portable mini oven that you can use to cook food in.


Energy is priced by the kilowatt in Europe – aka, 1000 watts – and so, running the airfryer, at 1500kw for one hour adds up to one and a half kilowatt units of electricity.


Basic Airfryer uses 1500W of energy per hour compared to classic oven which uses whopping 5000W of energy with average of 3 kilowatts per usage to cook a meal.

Running an airfryer for one hour adds up to one and half kilowatt units.

This means airfryes only uses 32 cents worth of energy compared to 1.29 EUR per use of the oven (electricity price at 43c kWh).

This is just a basic calculation but gives you an estimate how much more it costs to use traditional oven.


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