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Andar Bahar – Pragmatic Play Live Casino

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Andar Bahar is a very popular gambling table game around the casinos in Asia and especially India where it was invented. It is very easy to play and anyone can learn it in few minutes watching rounds being played. Now Pragmatic Play is bringing this game online so even wider audience has the ability to enjoy and have fun playing it. Even if you have never heard of the game before, you will surely get the hang of it quickly! Lets recap the rules:


How to play Andar Bahar

The game is played with a one full deck of 52 cards. Before the actual round starts, the dealer takes the First card from the deck, the so called Joker or House card. This card will be placed to its place in the table, and then the 15 second betting period will start.

The whole idea of the game is that the dealer will start drawing cards one by one, alternating each card dealing between Andar (Inside) and Bahar (Outside). This will continue until a card matching the First card will be drawn. Only the cards values are taken into consideration, so the suit does not matter. Once matching card is drawn the game round is over.

The main bet players can make here is of course will the match happen with Andar or Bahar card. Super simple and 50/50 chance!

However there are also so called side bets, which you can bet on even without making a main bet. You can bet that the match will happen on the very first Andar card or first Bahar card. These selections pay out 15x and 15.5x your stake respectively. With the “First 3” bet you will bet on the first three cards forming a poker-like hand; straight, flush or straight flush. This includes the First card drawn before the round, first Andar card and first Bahar card. Flush pays 5x your stake, straight 8x your stake and straight flush 120x your stake. Finally you can also bet on how many cards will be drawn before the match happens, with eight different brackets to choose from and payouts ranging between 2.5-119x your stake depending on the probability of the selection.

That’s pretty much it really, as we wrote in the beginning already, super easy and fun game which really anyone can learn and enjoy! If you want to try it yourself or at least see the game in real action instead of reading about it, head to our Live Casino at!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.

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