Changes to Responsible Gaming Limits

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Important update about Chanz account limits!

Please be informed that we are about to change our Responsible Gambling set limits time periods set-up. Hopefully this change will make setting limits easier and understanding the time periods better.

Starting from 26.09.2022 at 00:00 o’clock we will change all 24h and 7 days limits to the following logic:

24h limit changes to a daily limit

  • Current solution: considers the time period as 24h backwards from each moment you play.
  • New solution: starts every day 00:00:00 and ends 23:59:59.

7 days limit changes to a weekly limit

  • Current solution: considers the time period as 7 days backwards from each moment you play.
  • New solution: starts every week from Monday 00:00:00 and ends on Sunday 23:59:59.

Starting from 01.10.2022 at 00:00 o’clock we will change 30 days limit to the following logic:30 days limit changes to a monthly limit

  • Current solution: considers the time period as 30 days backwards from each moment you play.
  • New solution: starts every month from the 1st day at 00:00 and ends on the last day of that month at 23:59:59.

This means that if you have currently set any of the limits to either 24h, 7 days or 30 days limit then from these dates the time periods will change as previously described. All amounts and values will stay as they are.

For example:

  • Deposit limit: 24h – 100€ will change to a daily – 100€
  • Deposit limit: 7 days – 500€ will change to a weekly – 500€
  • Deposit limit 30 days – 1000€ will change to a monthly – 1000€

NB! Same changes apply to Loss limi and Session time limit time periods.

This will all happen automatically. You will be notified about the changes in your limits during your next time you login to your account after the changes have been made. You only have to acknowledge and confirm the changes and you are ready to continue playing.

Play Safe! Several studies show that potential gambling problems are well reduced when deciding up front for how much and how long you want to play!

We strongly recommend everyone to set limits on their account. If you currently haven’t set any limits then you can do it from My Account – Set limits page or just click here.

To read more about our limit options visit the Play Responsibly page.

All the best!

Team Chanz

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Attention! This is advertising of gambling. Gambling is not a suitable means for solving financial problems. Examine the rules and behave responsibly! Read more here.

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