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Chanz is the world’s most social casino


Social media has become an essential part of our daily lives. Facebook’s popularity exploded more than then years ago, and nowadays we have plenty of other social media channels to use. Social media connects people and gives us opportunities to discuss and network with other people even when we are sitting on the couch at home. This is why we at Chanz want to be the world’s most social casino.


What it means to be the world’s most social casino?


For us, the use of social media is a part of our core focus. If you plan to register at Chanz, you can complete the registration process easily by using your social media account on Google, Facebook or Twitter. But the fun begins when you enter our casino which is a social media channel itself! When you login to the casino, you can see the Chanz wall on the right side of the page. Chanz Wall is the place where you receive relevant information about offers, big wins and other activities. You can write on your wall and add friends to your feed. On the Chanz wall you can also play against your friends or other users in our fun challenges in order to win free spins for you favourite games!


Social networking continues when you play our casino games. Every game has a chat window where you can easily discuss with players from all around the world while you’re playing.


Chanz on social media


Chanz is the world’s most social casino and therefore we want to be active on all the main social media channels. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On Facebook you can find important information about the casino, interesting offers, content created by the people at Chanz as well as updates on our country of origin, Estonia. You can find our Facebook page here.


Our feed is on Twitter also. There we share links to our blog posts and you can find out about our offers and other interesting stuff too. You can follow us on Twitter here.


On Instagram, we share photos and stories from all around the Chanz World. Just follow us on Instagram and we will take you on a journey to the most interesting places in Estonia and the rest of the world! You find our Instagram account here.




Are you following our blog yet? If not, you can find our Chanzblog here. On Chanzblog we share interesting articles about our new games and bonuses. We give you important information about how to play at Chanz and how to claim and use your bonuses and offers. Chanzblog also features interesting stories about our sponsored athletes, such as Estonian javelin thrower Magnus Kirt. The content on our blog is available in both Finnish and Estonian.


Join the world’s most social casino today and remember to follow us on all the channels you use! Have fun!


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