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SSL – Explained

You might have heard a term SSL when browsing the internet, or seen warnings when entered to a sites not protected by SSL. But what it is?

SSL comes from words Secure Sockets Layer, and it is basicly a protocol that provide secure communication over computer networks and links. It is also referred as TSL nowadays (Transport Layer Security).

SSL/TSL provides data encryption, integrity and authentication. When a page is using it, you can be sure:

  • No one can see what you are reading
  • No one has changed anything you have typed
  • You are communicating directly with the webpage in question

All sites using SSL/TSL are signed with digital certificate, and the page address starts with https. Before entering a page like this, the browser will check that the certificate comes from a trusted party, certificate is valid and it is related to the webpage what you intend to visit.



So summa summarum – You can always be sure when surfing at or at your details are always secure!