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Chanz – taking a step to the future!

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We all know what cryptocurrency is, and now its time to announce a game changer!

Chanz has established its own crypto, and we will start trading with it today 1st of april 2021.

We will have very few to trade this to begin with, so it has been decided that only 200 randomly selected persons will be able to buy Chanzcoin at the first stage.

If you are interested, please share this article in social medias, and if you are one of the lucky ones, we will contact you!



What can i do with the Chanzcoin?

  • Chanzcoin will be available as currency at and will also be tradable to other bigger cryptocurrencies. Basicly you can use Chanzcoin everywhere after it has been officially launched!


How do i buy Chanzcoin?

  • When launched, 1st of april, only limited people are able to buy the few inital Chanzcoins released. We will contact the lucky ones in random order


Where i can sell & buy Chanzcoin?


  • When launched for public, you can simply login to and trade your coins in our cryptocenter.


What is the price of Chanzcoin?

  • This will be a market based value, that is determined after the first transactions have been concluded with the coin.


Where i can get more information of the Chanzcoin?

  • You can contact our trading department at











This is an april fool themed post and should not be taken seriously. Have fun!


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