HTML5 and Flash?

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Videoslots with HTML5 and Flash


You may have encountered terms HTML5 and Flash when you are playing with videoslots. But what are they? How do they affect you? Here is a small information package what you should know about Flash and HTML5!



This is the new standard in internet to present content. It supports huge variety of operating systems and browsers. It is hardware independent, since it is written with native HTML language which runs in the browsers like Chrome, Safari and Firefox.  Most new slots are already coded with this new standard, and old ones are revamped with this technique.



Flash can create animations, texts, drawings etc. It is manufactured by the company called Adobe. It was widely used (and still is in some extent) and it needs a plugin to be installed in the computer. Lately there has been some hackers attempting to gain control of the computers via this plugin, and this is why everyone is moving to a safer protocols/enviroments like HTML5.




What a normal casino player will experience when playing HTML5 slots? You will notice a huge difference in performance, games will start much faster, save more bandwith and no need to install any plugins! Also the same slot works perfectly with all devices, no need for separate mobile version!

When using Flash, it was taking lots of resources from your device and there is no further updates on Flash products available, making it unsafe to use. Some of the browsers have already disabled Flash content by default.

You might still see few slots using Flash, but these are slowly disappearing from online casinos making way to a even more secure gambling and entertainment!


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