Halloween 2020 Winners!

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And we have the winners!



500 EUR =  Marge V

300 EUR = Eeri K

200 EUR = Tiina K


25 players who received the 100 free spins (will be credited on your next login):


Veera A

Riina P

Rita K

Aivar V

Piret P

Marje M

Kasso L

Dimitri L

Hanna K

Danel F

Igor M

Katariina J

Piret P (2 x Piret with almost same name 🙂 )

Sini N

Cristin I

Marko A

Hilma T

Aare M

Niko H

Urve P

Küllike R

Kille P

Lili T

Jane K

Pasi K




Congratulations to all the winners and stay tuned for more competitions!


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