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Iron County Outlaw – Games Global

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Ah, the good old Wild West is a theme in slots that just seems to stay super popular year after a year no matter what. Luckily we here at Chanz are big fans of good westerns and can totally see why the genre is so popular! There really is that certain something when you imagine yourself strolling on your horse in the scorch of the desert heat, along the busy main dirt road which is sided by wooden buildings with saloons, blacksmiths and hopefully even the sheriffs office… These images in mind, lets take a closer look of Games Global’s brand new release Iron County Outlaw, which takes us there and does it with quite unique features included!



While the Wild West theme is really nothing new, some of the features in this game are definitely innovative and a proper breath of a fresh air. The base game is built on a 5×4 setup, meaning that there are five reels with four rows of symbols on each of them. This can be expanded too, but we go over that in detail bit later on. The most valuable symbols are depicted by all the things you could easily associate with the Wild West, such as revolvers, bison skulls, horseshoes and money bags.

The most important symbol of the game however is the Lady Sheriff symbol, which acts both as a Wild and a collector symbol. All the normal symbols can randomly have a Coin attached to them, and you will need to land this Lady Sheriff collector wild in order to collect all the visible Coins. These will then be added to your Coin meter which is counting the total amount of all the collected coins. This meter is really the backbone of the whole game, as once it is filled enough you will unlock the games full potential and get some really nice extra features added in the game. These features wont reset between spins either, so once you have unlocked them, you can enjoy them with all your spins afterwards. Here you can find all the three levels of special features that can be unlocked;

30 Coins collected: Lady Sheriff Wild symbol will be upgraded to a Stacked Wild symbol that always covers the whole reel it lands on.
60 Coins collected: Lady Sheriff Stacked Wild now also comes with a random Win Multiplier of either 2x, 3x or 5x.
90 Coins collected: Unlocks the sixth reel, where only high paying symbols or Wilds can land. The Lady Sheriff Stacked Wild will now stay locked to its reel until the next losing spin occurs. Additionally, if any of your Wild symbols are part of a win, the random Win multiplier in them will get a 1x increase, unless the multiplier is already at 10x which is the maximum it can reach.

Finally the game has a Replace Feature, which can happen randomly on any losing spin where there is a Wild symbol anywhere on your reels. When this feature activates, all the normal symbols will be removed from the reels leaving only the Wild(s) there, and new symbols will be dropped in to replace them with a guaranteed win.


Chanz verdict

This was a really fun game to play and we enjoyed it immensely. Even if you don’t particularly love the Wild West theme like we do, we think that this game is still definitely worth a try just for the cool innovative features alone. It takes a while to unlock them all, but once the game shows its full colors there is a potential for some pretty huge wins as well! Sounds good? Head to to start your own Wild West adventure today!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.