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Get your payouts within seconds!

We had a chanz to do a quick interview with Anders, who is working as Services Manager at Chanz.com, the real money social casino. They have recently introduced a new function called KOHE, where payouts are processed within seconds to most Estonian bankaccounts. *


Hi Anders, nice to meet you! Thank you for taking the time to meet our blog team! I know you are busy, so lets get straight to the point! What is KOHE exactly?


Sure! KOHE is a new payment system specifically for withdrawals that we have developed here at Chanz! We believe that it is the fastest payment method here in Estonia at the moment.

Our internal teams are always discussing new options and ideas to give our customers first class services, and the common topic was always the payments, how to make them faster. So we decided to develop a system where the players will get their moneys instantly. We have now tested this extensively and it surely can deliver the payouts in speed of light!


Sounds great! How does it work?

It is really simple, when you are ready to make a payout, just choose KOHE as payment method. Our system will then process the payment in lightning speed to your bankaccount! *


Is there similar systems in the market at the moment?

There is nothing this fast, as we are aware! We are glad to launch this to our valued customers as one of the first casinos!


Are all banks in Estonia included in this, and any plans to make this work for other countries aswell?

Yes, all the major banks in Estonia are included in this service, and sure, we are already checking different possibilities and solutions to make this work for other countries also. Stay tuned for more information!


Alright, thanks for your time Anders, this sounds like a great system!

No worries, and if you or our customers have more questions regarding this or any other products Chanz has, our customer service will gladly assist via live chat or email!



*) Chanz reserves the right to delay a payment due to security checks, big wins, excessive use of the service, technical issues etc.