May Treasure Hunt Winners 2024

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And the winners are:


200 EUR – Marek V. #marekv39

100 EUR – Tõnu S. #tõnus77

500 DKK – Kasper C.  #kasperc14

Winners of 10 EUR :

Here’s a table with the first names and the initial of the last name alongside their corresponding alias’s.

Sanna K. sannak27
Kaido T. kaidot40
Karina T. karinat78
Pekka R. pekkar73
Liiga P. liigap47
Tõnu I. tõnui36
Joonas R. joonasr25
Arto K. artok98
Elis P. elisp84
Anne M. annem24
Margus A. margusa68
Jonna P. jonnap86
Elwis R. elwisr46
Peter E. petere714
Daniel H. danielh928
Kristiina I. kristiinai65
Morten A. mortena16


If you got the 50 free spins, these will be credited on your next login! If you happened to won both 50 Free Spins and 10 EUR, then you need to log in twice!

Congratulations to the winners and stay tuned for more competitions!

18/21+ Play responsibly.