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Chanz Jackpot Winner Divine Fortune
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Divine Fortune Jackpot won!

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Congratulations to the lucky player who won the Divine Fortune Jackpot at 9.9.2021!

Piret from Estonia won whopping 45,018.22 EUR and it was won on the mobile (touch) version of the slot.

We have contacted our lucky winner to see how she felt and what is she going to do with her big win!


What emotions overcome you when you hit the jackpot?

Whilst playing the game I did not expect that the whole screen is going to fill with the coins. Usually the last coin is very hard to land. When I saw these big numbers running on the screen, I did not know how to react. My heart started racing and my hands were shivering, I could not believe my eyes! My first thought was that it must be a mistake, but it was not, it was a real win!

How do you plan on spending the win?

I plan on spending the money very reasonbly – renovating my country house and buying a new car. Also my children will get some, I am not a selfish person!

What made you create an account in Chanz?

I made an account in a hope to win something. Until this jackpot I had won some and lost some.How often do you play? Naturally I will play some more, but usually I play reasonably to have some fun and excitement.

Which casino games do you usually play?

Usually I like playing all kinds of slots on my spare time. I also like playing games in fun mode for free.

Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is themed to Greek mythology and plays and looks like it. It is set in a Greek temple with two statues. Slot setup is made up of five reels and three rows. It has 20 paylines.

To activate the Jackpot feature, player needs to collect three or more gold coins:

During the Jackpot feature, 15 reels will activate and your golden coins are assigned a random prize and multiplier valued 10-200 times your bet. You will first get three free spins, but everytime you hit a Jackpot symbol, your spins will reset to three again. This continues until you are out of spins or land one of the jackpots. To win a jackpot, you need to fill one row with the coins for the minor, two for major and three for the main jackpot. As most of the slots have also a Megaways version, so does Divine Fortune.


18/21+ Always play responsibly