Yggdrasil: Wild Robo Factory

Wild Robo Factory review

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Are you ready for robots serving you wilds with multipliers and other features? Then this is a game for you! There is 12 mechanical servants here who are forced to slave under the command of the evil robots. Lets hope that there is no Terminator style uprising here..


In this latest game from Yggdrasil you will play with a setup of 4 rows, 5 reels and 25 paylines. It has well animated features like Respins and Freespins, where you are taken to the dark basement and will be presented with the System Overload feature and transforming symbols!

This game is visually excellent as almost all games from Yggdrasil and the video game soundtrack in the background is more than enough to get the players interest.


Well, this factory is a busy place. Here are the main features of the game:

Robo Freespins

This feature will activate when you land 3, 4 or 5 Free Spins symbols anywhere in the reels, and will award you either 5, 10 or 15 spins. The Free Spin symbol can also fly to any row of the reels and move the belt by one position left on each spins. This will give you extra Chanzes to win the free spins function with extra twist:

When the free spins activates with the scenario above, you will see Robos randomly placed on the belt 1-3 positions apart. The Robos will then move one position to the left on each spins. Also the Symbol transformation feature will work here along with the System Overload feature.  When the latter activates, the belt will reverse, and moving all Robos backwards 1-9 positions. And yes, it will results in additional freespins and can pay up to 3000 times your stake!


Symbol Transformation

This feature will activate randomly. When activated, the low-value symbols can be upgraded into a higher symbol. Green symbol will turn to Green high value symbol etc.

Robo ReSpin

This feature will also activate randomly. A random amount of Robo Wilds will land to the reels and will move to the left on each spins. These can also include a multiplier. The ReSpin will continue as long as there is active Robo visible in the screen.


Our verdict:

Wild Robo Factory is an interesting game. It has features that launch more frequently, but this also means that the game RTP is distributed between the features, so the massive hits can be hard to get in this slot. Anyhow, this slot is really entertaining and Yggdrasil has developed something that can be a popular amongst the players. Test the game yourself at Chanz!


  • Rows: 4
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 25
  • Default RTP: 96,4 %
  • Max payout 2878x +
  • Variance: medium
  • Features: Robo Respin, Robo Free Spins, Symbol Swap, System Overload


Play Wild Robo Factory at Chanz today!



BBQ – how to do it right

Barbeque – few simple rules

Chanz team had yesterday an unique opportunity to take part to Enn Tobreluts BBQ Entertainment & Cooking lessons. We learned us how to prepare the perfect ribeye, here are few of the tips we got from his team!



Set up the grill area in an open space. You are making a contained fire, so make sure there is no trees, fences etc nearby. Have a water bucket or fire extinguisher nearby, and keep kids and pets away from the area. Use proper equipment like long-handled tongs and insulated BBQ-gloves.

For charcoal, buy a good quality charcoal, which is cut to large chunks. The small cheap ones just burns away superfast, and are suitable only for quick bbq’s.

When you lit the BBQ the best way to do it use the chimney starter (like in the picture below). It also protects you and the coals, and can be used easily even on the windy day.

Metal barbecue chimney starter

If you dont have a chimney, arrange your charcoal in a stack, put firelighters or newspapers between the charcoal and allow the flames to catch.

So when is your charcoals ready for some action? You need to let the flames die completly and let coal ashen. So dont hurry, all you are going to achieve with being too fast here is burnt food.

Barbecue coals lit up


Black or grey with flames: Not ready yet. Step away, have a beer and relax.

Glowing white hot with red centres (blow very gently to check): Ready for direct heat.

Ashy white but still very
 hot: Ready for indirect
 heat or cooking in the coals.



Preparing the best Ribeye steak

Our BBQ-meister showed us an easy way to make a delicious Ribeye. Remember to take the meat our from the fridge around 1 hr before, so it is room temperature when you are ready for some action!

At this point, you can gently rub in some spices of your choice, like blackpepper, chilipowder etc, but NO SALT!

When you have glowing white hot coals with red centres, we are almost ready to start our mouth watering BBQ-session! Rub the ribeyes with some red wine vinegar and throw them in the coals! After around 15-20 seconds, lift the steaks away a bit, and scratch the coals away that have attached to the meat. Then continue to bbq around 1 minute on each side, until the meat is medium or medium-rare. Check the pictures below how it looks in action!

After the meat is ready, put them to a wooden surface to rest for few minutes, dash some seasalt on top of them and slice the meat. Thats all, now you have the perfect ribeye! 



We at Chanz want to thank Enn Tobreluts BBQ Entertainment team for creating us a wonderful event!


Click on pictures to make the larger


Magnus Kirt wins again!

Magnus Kirt wins in Turku, Finland!

57th Paavo Nurmi Games in Turku was held last tuesday with whopping 13,345 people witnessing the event.

Magnus repeated his javelin victory from last year, and started with 86,92m. He had a strong opponent, Thomas Röhler (GE) who started with 86,33m but didn’t improve on the next rounds. Magnus Kirt then proceeded with his best throw in round four, 88,32m.

There was some interesting surprises during the competition when world leader Daniel StĂĄhl of Sweden fouled all of his three attempts. His first effort, a foul, landed beyond 66 meters, and the two other ones nowhere near.

We here at Chanz wish Magnus all the best and good results on his journey to the top of the world!

Follow Magnus in Instagram.


5 Lions Gold by Pragmatic

5 Lions Gold review

Pragmatic is doing it again and delivering us a strong, oriental themed 243 payline slot. Did you know that Pragmatic as company has strong ties to Asia, that explains the large presence of Asian and oriental themes in the slots.


The 5 Lions Gold is not completly new. It is a successor to 5 Lions, that was released last year. This version is almost identical with 243 paylines with 5 reels and 3 rows. The biggest differences are the added Jackpot, paytable and RTP of this version. RTP is is between 95,64 % – 96,52 % because this is a jackpot variant of the game. This slot can be played with bets from 18 cents to 90 Euros per spin.



There is 3 different types of Jackpots: 

  • Minor gives you 15 times your bet
  • Major gives you 250 times your bet
  • Grand gives you whopping 2000 times your bet

There is 2 ways to launch these jackpots. Golden Reels Jackpot can be awarded in both regular play and freespins. In this feature, reels are turning randomly to gold, and if you get 3,4 or 5 golden wheels it then triggers the minor, major or grand Jackpot.

Another way to win the jackpot is Caishen Random Award. This triggers randomly in both regular and freespins play. It will reward you either freespins feature or jackpot bonus game. If you get the Jackpot game, you need to match 3 of the same symbosl, and you will win the Jackpot mentioned in the symbols.


This function will be awarded if you land 3 scatters in reels 2, 3 and 4. Then you will be presented 7 options. These options have unique combinations of free spins and multipliers. You can also risk it by selecting the mystery choice and be awarded with random amount of spins and multipliers. If you are really lucky, you can get up to 24 spins and multiplier 40x .

Final words

Maybe this slot dont have the latest graphics and animations, but it guarantees entertainment and with some luck huge wins. It has potential of 7000x wins what is more than enough to get your attention.

Check this game now at Chanz.com!

5 Lions Gold™




Spinsane (NetEnt) review


When you open this slot at the first time, you will be wondering why there is symbols missing from the reels, why it looks so cheap and how are the wolfs related to the game theme. The slot has 5 reels and 27 paylines and you can bet from 0.10 EUR to 500 EUR per spin.

The reels has a curved design, that is somehow reminding old classic slots and when you win, disco lights will illuminate to celebrate your success. There is also some animation of wolf running during the bonus, but to be frank, all these things seem to be little odd and not related to the game.

On the reels you will see wolf claws, heads and paws. Same symbols with scratch mark will also appear, and they are known as Super Symbols and offers an increased value. There is also a wild symbol, that can appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. The symbols will never fully cover the reels, developers have decided to include lots of blanks here for some reason.


We alrealdy explained the Super Symbols above, and the only other feature here is the Freespins, which will activate if you land 5 or more scatters anywhere on the reels. 1 scatter will give you 2 freespins, so the minimum you will get is 10, or if you get all the possible scatters you will get 30 freespins. During the freespins, every scatter will award you an extra spins. On every spins there will be one fully stacked wild reel to help you win bigger. You can win max 500 times your stake in this function per spin.

Final words

Visually and functionally this slot is quite boring, but it has some potential. You can win up to 5000 times your stake here, but dont get your hopes up for this to happen anytime soon. We feel that this slot has a lot missing, maybe it was designed by some practicants, only NetEnt knows the answer for this.

But we recommend that you will be a judge of that, and will try the game when its launched at Chanz!

Have fun!


  • Reels: 5
  • Rows: 3
  • Paylines: 27
  • RTP: 96,26%
  • Max payout: 500 x spins (during Freespins 10 x 500 = 5000 x)
  • Features: Super Symbols, Free spins
  • Release date: June 11, 2019


Always play responsibly.

Patarei – Forgotten prison

Visit to Patarei in Tallinn

Chanz had a possibility to visit in Patarei “Communism is Prison” exchibition earlier this week. Here we have gathered some facts and pictures. Unfortunatly we cannot show all the pictures, since they can be quite shocking, but have selected just a few to show you how it looks inside the prison.




Patarei prison was used by the Soviet Union’s communist regime and also by Germans to imprison thousands of innocent people. The aim for opening it for public is to raise awareness of the inhuman nature of the communist regimes.

The complex was built in mid 19-th century as part of the defence system of Russias capital St Peterburg. Around 1864 it was converted into an army barracks that housed over 2000 soldiers. Paterei served continuously as a penal institution of the Republic of Estonia until 1940, when the totalitarian Soviet Union occupied the country. It was used as a prison after the restoration of national independence as well in 1991–2002. 

Currently almost 10,000 people have been identified who were arrested for political reasons in 1940-1941 and most of them also were locked up in Patarei. Estonias Head of State Jaan Tõnisson was almost sure executed in Patarei by Soviet authorities in 1941.

The unique history of this building, which brings together the repressions of two of the most merciless regimes of the 20th century, places the sufferings, resistance and hopes of thousands of people within the prison walls and has made this complex a site of memory of international importance.


How to get there

The exchibition is open Mon-Sun 10am-6pm and last entrance in 5.15pm.

Address: Kalaranna 28, Tallinn.

Link to the location in Google Maps here.

More information can be found from the home page here.


May Treasure Hunt Winners

And the winners are:


Markku R. from Finland won the 1000 EUR main price!

The five lucky winners of 100 Free Spins each to their favorite game are; Wijmpje B, Meelis K, Marie W, Niko R, and Ăśrmo N.

Congratulations!  We have contacted the winners!

Stay tuned for our new campaign later today! 

Yggdrasil – Jackpot Raiders

Jackpot Raiders review

If you like games with visual quality and attention to details, Yggdrasils Jackpot Raiders is for you. And if those are not important for you, there is lots of other things that keeps you entertained in this slot. This slot has 3 rows, 5 reels and 20 paylines. As the name suggests, it is a jackpot game and every spin wagered contributes 3.8% to the jackpot which starts at 15.000 EUR.


Pick-and-Click chest

As you can see in our demovideo below, this activates when you get 2 Compass Scatters anywhere on the reels. You will see 5 chests and need to pick one of them. The wins are starting from 20 coins, and you can also launch Jackpot Free Spins, Treasure Hunt Bonus Game or get 1 random map towards your collection.

If you land 3 scatters (5 of them will award whopping 500x your bet), you will launch a Compass feature. Here you will get the Jackpot Freespins or Treasure Hunt Bonus Game.

Treasure Hunt Bonus Game

When this feature is launched, you need to choose your character, Bear or Sam. Bear is less volatile, offering a high success rate and Sam is exact opposite. When the minigame is ongoing, you will have 3 attempts to cross the river and open the chest you have chosen. Totally there is 3 level in this minigame, and if you are succeeding in one, you will be continuing to the next level. In this game you can win up to 1800 coins as well maps and relics.

Jackpot Free Spins

When this function is awarded, 10 spins will be played with a 3x multiplier. There is a twist here, collecting 5 gems of the same colour will award one of the Jackpots!

Sunken City Freespins

This function is tied to Treasure Hunt Bonus Game. When you collect 5 relics there, this feature will launch. You will be awarded freespins with a 10x multiplier, and one of each gems are already awarded to the collection which will increase your chance to win the Jackpot!


Jackpot Raiders is very entertaining game, and it has something to everyone. The grahics and sounds are detailed and clear. It is similar release than Holmes & Stolen Stones and Ozwin Jackpot’s but with different theme and some added functionality. It is nice to see some new Jackpot Games in the market, so this slot is definetly worth of checking!


Released: May 23, 2019

Bet range: EUR 0.10-40 EUR

Paylines: 20

Maximum win: 4100 x / 164.000 EUR

RTP: 96,3 %

Volatility: Low (excl. jackpots)


Play Jackpot Raiders @ Chanz today!

Watch demoplay from our Youtube channel:

Always play responsibly. 18/21+ spelpaus.se 

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