Press release: Chanz starts tv-broadcasts in northern europe

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Available to publish immediatly is happy to announce, that it has been granted a broadcast license via digital aerial and cable tv in the area covering whole northern europe. This license was granted today by European Digital Tv Consortium E.D.T.C 31.3.2020.

This license is 5 years long, and it will entitle us to send movies, series and we are going to start our own newsdesk later this year, providing you the latest news around the world. The news will operate in estonian, finnish, swedish and german languages to begin with,  providing several news broadcasts per langugae every day.


Head of Chanz Interactive Vision Production Basil Mäkäräinen:

We are very excited to get this license granted, and we are starting the operations as soon as our studio and new offices in Mariehamn, Åland Islands will be ready later this month. We have chosen this location because it will provide us easy access from Finland, Sweden and Estonia. It is convenient for our satellite dish for broadcast aswell, since it is located in the middle of the sea, and there is no trees or other obstacles to disturb our satellite signal.


For more information, please contact director of communications A. Prilli on








Basil Mäkäräinen testing the digital broadcast on april fools day 1.4.2020