Shadow Society – Red Tiger

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Shadow Society – Red Tiger

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This brand new slot release from the game developer Red Tiger introduces the player to the mysterious and secretive club called the Shadow Society. The masked members of the club look like they could be just some party-goers heading to an exclusive and elegant masquerade party, but we think that they might have more important plans… So lets take a closer look of the secrets this slot is hiding inside of it!



Shadow Society is actually really quite a unique slot and not only in the freemason’s secret social club kind-of-style, but also with its features and especially the gamewise very important progression system, which affects literally everything in the actual gameplay and the way the slot runs.

See, when you initially start the game for the very first time, your playarea consists of only three reels with three rows in each of them, creating a small 3×3 grid with nine winlines. However, this is where the progression part comes in, as you need to collect a total of five Eye Pyramid symbols in order to fill up the meter displayed above your reels and to unlock the first progression update. This can be done a total of 8 times as there are total of 8 upgrades for you to unlock, each of them activating one after another always as you manage to fill up the Eye Pyramid symbol meter. These are all the progression levels and the upgrades each level makes to your game;

1st upgrade: Unlocks the purple premium symbol
2nd upgrade: Unlocks and adds fourth reel to your playarea
3nd upgrade: Unlocks the green premium symbol
4nd upgrade: Unlocks and adds fourth row to your reels
5nd upgrade: Unlocks the red premium symbol
6nd upgrade: Unlocks and adds fifth reel to your playarea
7nd upgrade: Unlocks the gold premium symbol
8nd upgrade: Unlocks and adds fifth row to your reels

Once the progression is completed and everything has been upgraded, you will have an expanded playarea which is built from five reels with five rows in each of them, also increasing the number of total winlines up from nine to 25 winlines. After that the fun times can really begin!

The game also has a Free Spin feature of course, which is triggered in a very traditional way with 3 Scatter symbols. These Scatters can only land on the first reel, middle reel and rightmost reel despite of where you are in the upgrade progress and how many reels you have unlocked in total. The feature always starts with 10 free spins and 1x win multiplier and each win during it will increase the win multiplier by 1x, up to the maximum which is 15x. If you manage to land 3 more Scatter symbols during the feature, you will gain +5 Free Spins. Other than that the Free Spin feature works exactly like the base game and also includes your progression with everything you have unlocked.


Chanz verdict

We have a bit conflicting feelings about this game. On the other hand it is entertaining and fun to expand and open up the slot more and more as you play, but then again we also feel like something more could have been done with the progression idea. Right now it kind of feels like you absolutely need to unlock all the upgrades as soon as possible or you’re severely handicapping your game and win potential. But either way, once the game is fully opened up we had an absolute blast with it. Try it out yourself at!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.