Taco Fury XXXtreme – NetEnt

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Taco Fury XXXtreme – NetEnt

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When you first hear the name of NetEnt’s latest release, Taco Fury XXXtreme, you might be expecting to see a slot with some kind of Mexican theme and we can’t blame you – that was our initial thought as well! That guess would be completely wrong however, as NetEnt has done something very different here with this release and the game is actually about a Zombie Chef, who is serving tacos filled with brains and eyeballs from his apocalyptic food truck. That might help explain the XXXtreme part in the games title, but lets take a bit closer look on its actual features.



The game is built on five reels with three rows of symbols on each of them, creating a total of 9 winlines for the player. Additionally there is one extra reel going horizontally above your normal reels, and this is where the secret sauce for the tacos comes into play! The horizontal reel only features blank empty spots and Wild Explosion symbols, which can land on top of your three middle-most reels meaning reel numbers 2, 3 and 4. These are the most important symbols in the whole game as everything is built around this one feature.

Now to get those Wild Explosion symbols actually activated from the vertical reel, you also need to land a regular Taco Wild symbol on the normal reel below it. When this happens the Wild Explosion symbol will be dropped from the vertical reel and as it is mixed together with the normal Taco Wild symbol below, it will create a Wild Explosion special modifier according to the color of the Wild Explosion symbol from the vertical reel;

Orange Wild Explosion: Increases the activating Taco Wilds multiplier by +1 and adds new Taco Wild symbols on adjacent reels
Red Wild Explosion: Increases the activating Taco Wilds multiplier by +1 and adds new Taco Wild symbols on the same reel above and below the activating symbol
Purple Wild Explosion: Increases the activating Taco Wilds multiplier by +1 and adds two or three new Taco Wild symbols on random positions

After the Wild Explosion modifiers have been applied, all the Wild symbols on your reels will be stickied to their place and the remaining normal symbols will do a free respin.

In the countries where Bonus Buy option is available, you can also buy the XXXtreme Spins feature directly. This feature just guarantees that you will get a Wild Explosion symbol(s) on the following spin. You pay either 20x your stake to get one guaranteed Wild Explosion symbol, or 60x your stake to get two guaranteed Wild Explosion symbols.


Chanz verdict

The graphical design of the game is pretty wild and extreme indeed, but other than that this is actually very mellow game that is well suited even for very casual players. It has a low volatility, meaning that you will get small wins often as opposed to getting bigger wins but more rarely. The maximum win you can win from the game with one spin is only 533x your stake which is definitely on the lower side compared to many other slots, but it suits well for a low volatility installment like this one. Head to the food truck and order some extreme tacos yourself at Chanz.com!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.

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