BBQ – how to do it right

Barbeque – few simple rules

Chanz team had yesterday an unique opportunity to take part to Enn Tobreluts BBQ Entertainment & Cooking lessons. We learned us how to prepare the perfect ribeye, here are few of the tips we got from his team!



Set up the grill area in an open space. You are making a contained fire, so make sure there is no trees, fences etc nearby. Have a water bucket or fire extinguisher nearby, and keep kids and pets away from the area. Use proper equipment like long-handled tongs and insulated BBQ-gloves.

For charcoal, buy a good quality charcoal, which is cut to large chunks. The small cheap ones just burns away superfast, and are suitable only for quick bbq’s.

When you lit the BBQ the best way to do it use the chimney starter (like in the picture below). It also protects you and the coals, and can be used easily even on the windy day.

Metal barbecue chimney starter

If you dont have a chimney, arrange your charcoal in a stack, put firelighters or newspapers between the charcoal and allow the flames to catch.

So when is your charcoals ready for some action? You need to let the flames die completly and let coal ashen. So dont hurry, all you are going to achieve with being too fast here is burnt food.

Barbecue coals lit up


Black or grey with flames: Not ready yet. Step away, have a beer and relax.

Glowing white hot with red centres (blow very gently to check): Ready for direct heat.

Ashy white but still very
 hot: Ready for indirect
 heat or cooking in the coals.



Preparing the best Ribeye steak

Our BBQ-meister showed us an easy way to make a delicious Ribeye. Remember to take the meat our from the fridge around 1 hr before, so it is room temperature when you are ready for some action!

At this point, you can gently rub in some spices of your choice, like blackpepper, chilipowder etc, but NO SALT!

When you have glowing white hot coals with red centres, we are almost ready to start our mouth watering BBQ-session! Rub the ribeyes with some red wine vinegar and throw them in the coals! After around 15-20 seconds, lift the steaks away a bit, and scratch the coals away that have attached to the meat. Then continue to bbq around 1 minute on each side, until the meat is medium or medium-rare. Check the pictures below how it looks in action!

After the meat is ready, put them to a wooden surface to rest for few minutes, dash some seasalt on top of them and slice the meat. Thats all, now you have the perfect ribeye! 



We at Chanz want to thank Enn Tobreluts BBQ Entertainment team for creating us a wonderful event!


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