Major Jackpot on Mega Moolah Megaways at Chanz Casino

Major Jackpot: Estonian Player Wins Big on Mega Moolah Megaways at Chanz Casino

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January 4, 2024 – A noteworthy win was recorded at Chanz Casino, an online gaming platform, where an Estonian player won the Major jackpot in the Mega Moolah Megaways slot game. This significant event occurred on December 28, 2023, with the player securing €16,096.87.

Mega Moolah Megaways, a creation of Games Global / Gameburger Studios, is celebrated in the online gaming community for its engaging and progressive jackpot system.

Among its various jackpot tiers, the Major jackpot stands out for its considerable payout potential, as demonstrated by this Estonian player’s win.

Congratulations to the winner from the entire Chanz Casino staff!

In a statement, a representative from Chanz Casino commented, “We extend our congratulations to the winner of the Major jackpot on Mega Moolah Megaways. This event highlights the exciting opportunities available to our players.”

Chanz Casino also emphasizes its ongoing dedication to offering a secure and responsible gaming experience for all its customers.


18/21+ Always play responsibly. Chanz Casino is operated by Dreambox Games OÜ with licenses in Estonia, Sweden and Denmark.

Mega Moolah Megaways Major Jackpot at Chanz
Mega Moolah Megaways Major Jackpot at Chanz

Chanz Casino Web App

🚀 Exciting News for Chanz Online Casino Players!

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We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new feature – the Chanz Casino Web App. It’s designed to elevate your gaming experience and make it more accessible than ever before.


🌐 No More App Stores!

That’s right – our Web App doesn’t require the hassle of installation from the Play Store or Apple Store.


Benefits of the Chanz Casino Web App:

  • Enjoy a full-screen mode for a more immersive gaming experience.
  • Experience enhanced performance and a user-friendly interface.
  • Access your favorite casino games quickly and conveniently.


📲 Easy Installation on Your Device’s Home Screen

If you havent installed the Chanz Web App before, you should see the Install app option in the main menu. But dont worry if its not there, follow these simple steps to add it to your home screen!

🔧 Installation Instructions:

For iOS Devices:

  1. Open Safari and navigate to the Chanz Casino website.
  2. Tap the ‘Share’ icon at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Select ‘Add to Home Screen’ from the options.
  4. Name the app as you like and tap ‘Add’.
  5. The Chanz Casino Web App will now appear on your home screen.

For Android and Google Chrome Devices/browsers:

  1. Open Chrome and go to the Chanz Casino website.
  2. Tap the three dots in the upper right corner to open the menu.
  3. Select ‘Add to Home Screen’.
  4. Name the app and confirm by tapping ‘Add’.
  5. You’ll find the Chanz Casino Web App on your home screen.

🎲 Ready to Play? Dive into the world of Chanz Casino with our new Web App – a quicker, smoother, and more engaging way to enjoy your favorite casino games.

🔗 For more details and updates, visit our official website. Let the games begin! 🌟


18/21+ Play responsibly

How to Succeed in the iGaming World: An Interview With CMO of Mr. Gamble

Today we welcome Paul Puolakka, Chief Marketing Officer at Mr. Gamble. Thanks for joining us, Paul! As the CMO, how do you differentiate your services in such a competitive market?


Thanks for having me! Our primary focus is on understanding player behavior. We use data analytics and player feedback to tailor our offerings, ensuring a unique and personalized experience for each user.


This may sound like a typical answer from your average affiliate but we truly take our job seriously. When engaging in any new market or exploring brand new casinos to partner with, we first take it upon ourselves to understand the ins and outs of it. Players depend on us being experts – it’s a huge responsibility, but also a nice excuse to learn something new every day.


With the rise of digital platforms, how do you decide where to allocate your marketing budget?


It’s a mix of data-driven decisions and experimentation. While we invest heavily in proven channels (for example, our Twitch channel and other social media), we also allocate a portion of our budget to explore emerging platforms, ensuring we’re always ahead of the curve.


How do you handle the challenges posed by changing regulations in the online gambling industry?


There’s no secret ingredient here. Staying informed is key. We have a dedicated legal team that monitors regulatory changes and shares this knowledge across all of our departments. We then adapt both our development and marketing strategies to ensure compliance.


What role does content marketing play in your strategy?


Saying “content is king” is a bit of a cliche but hey, it still rings true. The only thing that has changed since this phrase was first coined is the channels through which marketers feed content to their audience.


Back in the day, the most prevalent channels were blogs and forums. Nowadays, you are required to engage with customers directly and react instantly to any social media trend to stay relevant.


We tend to focus on creating high-quality, engaging content that educates and entertains our audience. It’s not just about promotions; it’s about building a community and establishing trust.


How do you measure the success of a marketing campaign?


Beyond the obvious metrics like ROI and conversion rates, we look at player retention, feedback, and brand sentiment. A successful campaign not only drives numbers but also fosters loyalty. Judging by our accomplishments – most recently, we received the Branding of the Year award at AffPapa iGaming – we’re on the right track there.


With the rise of mobile gaming, how has your marketing approach evolved?


Mobile is certainly a game-changer, though it’s an umbrella term for an entire series of different devices, from iPhones to tablets. We’ve optimized our platform for mobile users and shifted a significant portion of our content efforts to mobile-centric campaigns. It’s all about being where the players are.


How do you handle negative feedback or criticism online?


I’m not going to pretend that seeing criticism doesn’t hurt. It almost always does. But you must ignore your first instinct and not rely on empty excuses or shift blame on someone else. Every piece of feedback, positive or negative, is an opportunity to improve and from my experience, negative feedback sometimes results in much more positive changes.


How do you foresee the future of casino affiliate marketing?


I see a shift towards more personalized, AI-driven campaigns. It’s already happening now, but the adoption will be industry-wide in the future. As technology evolves, our ability to understand and cater to individual player preferences will redefine the iGaming sector.


Lastly, any advice for budding marketers in the casino affiliate space?


Stay curious and never stop learning. Passion is everything. To succeed in the casino industry, you have to love the game (pun intended).

About Mr. Gamble

Mr. Gamble is an award-winning and trusted casino comparison platform that operates in multiple markets and gambling jurisdictions. Our experts bring industry expertise and experience to help our partners convert visitors into players.


With several nominations in 2022 and 2023, including the Bonus Comparison Affiliate of the Year and Branding of the Year, Mr. Gamble provides reliable and up-to-date information and helps players compare online casino sites to make informed choices.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Evolution of Online Slot Machines

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Since their invention in the late 1800s, slot machines have been a staple of the gambling industry. As technology has evolved, these classic casino fixtures have found new life in the digital realm. The history of online gaming with slot machines is a fascinating journey that has seen many twists and turns, ultimately leading to the sophisticated and entertaining options we enjoy today. Let’s explore the milestones and innovations that have shaped this thriving industry.


The Dawn of the Digital Age: The 1990s

The first online casinos emerged in the mid-1990s, thanks to advancements in the internet and computer technology. Microgaming, a software company founded in 1994, is widely regarded as the pioneer of online casino gaming. They introduced the first online casino in 1996, and soon after, the first online slot machine was born. These early online slots were simple and limited in features, but they laid the foundation for a new era in gambling.


The Rise of the Video Slot: The 2000s

The new millennium saw rapid advancements in technology and internet connectivity, paving the way for a fresh wave of online slot machine innovation. With the introduction of video slots, game developers began to push the boundaries of the traditional slot format. Video slots featured immersive graphics, thematic designs, and engaging storylines, offering players an unprecedented gaming experience.

During this period, developers such as NetEnt and Playtech emerged as industry leaders, creating iconic titles like Starburst and Age of the Gods. Another significant development in online slot machines was the introduction of progressive jackpots, which linked multiple games together and allowed players to win life-changing sums of money.


The Mobile Revolution: The 2010s

The 2010s ushered in the era of mobile gaming, with smartphones and tablets becoming the preferred devices for many online casino players. Developers quickly adapted to this trend, optimizing their games for mobile play and creating dedicated mobile apps. This accessibility made online slot machines even more popular, as players could now spin the reels from virtually anywhere.


The Present and Future: VR, AI, and Beyond

Today, online slot machines have come a long way from their humble beginnings. They offer a rich variety of themes, features, and bonus rounds, ensuring that there is something for everyone. As we look to the future, we can expect even more immersive experiences, with the integration of virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.



The history of online gaming with slot machines is a testament to the power of innovation and the resilience of the gambling industry. From simple beginnings in the 1990s to the immersive and sophisticated options available today, online slots have consistently evolved to captivate and entertain players around the world. As technology continues to advance, we can only anticipate what exciting developments the future holds for these digital casino classics.



18/21+ Always play responsibly. 2023


Summer Badge Bonanza

Summer Badge Bonanza ☀️


August is officially the last summer month and we think that the best way to wrap it up is a proper Badge Bonanza including loads of Free Spins to all participants! Between 02.08-22.08 there will be badges hidden in random places all over our site.

You can claim up to 8 badges daily and 3 of those will contain a Free Spins surprise!

Collect at least 24 badges during the campaign to participate in the main raffle 23.08, where you have a Chanz to win a trip to Switzerland worth 1000€! In addition 25 players win 25€.

The daily Free Spin badge gives you 5 Free Spins and if you are super lucky you can also find the Super Chanz badge, which is worth 50 Free Spins. The Friend badge entitles you to give a friend 10 Free Spins!


T&C for Free Spins


Ready, set, go!

Between 22.04-28.04 you can get extra rewards and prizes just by taking part in our free races and megaraces.

For every three races that you play and complete, you will automatically get extra free spins no matter what was the result and your final position in the races.

There is also Chanz to win cash prizes, as you will additionally get one ticket for the main raffle for every three races that you have completed. The raffle will be held on 29.04 and the three luckiest players will win cash prizes of €250, €150 and €100 respectively.

A single race run consists of playing exactly 50 spins during a race. You can do this and try a new run as many times as you want during a duration of a single race to achieve the best possible result.

Terms & Conditions


18/21+ Always play responsibly!


Ready, set go!

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Between 23.11-29.11 you can get extra rewards and prizes just by taking part in our free races and megaraces. For every three races that you play and complete, you will automatically get extra free spins no matter what was the result and your final position in the races.

There is also Chanz to win cash prizes, as you will additionally get one ticket for the main raffle for every three races that you have completed. The raffle will be held on 30.11 and the three luckiest players will win cash prizes of €250, €150 and €100 respectively.

A single race run consists of playing exactly 50 spins during a race. You can do this and try a new run as many times as you want during a duration of a single race to achieve the best possible result.

Terms & Conditions

18/21+ Always play responsibly

Chanz X-mas Social

Early X-mas – Day 3

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Its time to go Live – and this time with Pragmatic Live Casino!

Place a real money bet in one of the Pragmatic Live Casino products during today, and you can win one of the 3 (three) sets of confectionary we have reserved for the winners!



  1. To qualify, place a real money bet in one of the Pragmatic Live Casino products (Live Roulette, Live Speed Roulette, Live Black Jack) 6.11.2019 before 23:59 CET.
  2. Offer is not valid for players from Sweden and Poland
  3. We will randomly draw 3 winners. We attempt to contact the players 3 days via email for confirmation, if we do not reach the winner, new winner will be drawn.
  4. We aim to send the parcel within 3 weeks. Winner will be responsible for all other costs than the actual postage that is paid by us.
  5. All our decision regarding winners are final and cant be contested.
  6. Winners will be published in our Facebook and Chanz wall within 7 days of ending this promotion.
  7. Chanz regular t&c will apply.



Always play responsibly. 18/21+


Chanz Casino Expert is here!

Casino Expert

We have an new addition to our customer service – Chanz Casino Expert! When online, you can ask for example upcoming game releases, how – to questions and general advice and help regarding Chanz products!

Typical questions can be:

  • When is NetEnt releasing a new game, and what it is called? What features it has?
  • Understanding different casinoterms like RTP, wagering, bonus, freespins etc.
  • How do i activate the welcome offers at Chanz?
  • General questions about account verification and payouts.

Please note that Chanz Casino Expert cant answer any questions regarding your personal account at Chanz, for this you can contact us via live chat at or via email!

Casino Expert is online via and when you see the icon “Casino Expert” in the lower right corner. Currently we can help you there with finnish, swedish and english languages!

You can also launch the Casino expert from the Chanz icon below, and if we are not online, just leave us a message!

Casino Expert



Welcome to chat with our Casino Expert!



Chanz lands a deal!

Chanz is expanding to Muhu Islands!

We have had difficulties not to tell this story to you before, but during this weekend everything was finally official, and we are able to announce that Chanz is expanding to Muhu Island in Estonia!

We are the first casino to establish a physical casino in the Muhu Islands, and the planned Grand Opening is 1.1.2020. Construction works have already begin, and we will keep you posted!


Transportation to Muhu

We will offer daily tours with our Chanz helicopter to Muhu from several locations. At first the flights will be available from Tallinn, Turku in Finland and Jakobsberg from Sweden. We have also started to plan a tunnel together with the Finnish businessman who is currently planning one from Helsinki to Tallinn. There will be an intersection under the sea, and you can choose if you go to Tallinn or Muhu Casino Island.

Games and entertainment

We will ofcourse provide top entertainment and games to our guests. Together with the leading providers, we are bringing you the same popular games that are currently available online. And the entertainment is not going to leave anyone cold, in January 2020 we have already booked superstars like Cher, Madonna and Elton John to perform to our guests!


Keep on following on us on social medias for more updates and happy 1st of april! Always play responsible.