April Badge campaign winners

And the winners are…


1st place 300€ – Janar K. #janark71
2nd place 200€ – Anne A. #anner48
3rd place 100€ – Tanel R. #tanelr24


10 players who won 50 free spins, spins will be credited on your next login

  1. Merje M. #merjem89
  2. Jonna K-.K. #jonnakk25
  3. Kersti D. #kerstid87
  4. Triin P. #triinp21
  5. Marko V. #markov26
  6. Silvi L. #silvil38
  7. Kätlin-K. K. #kätlink67
  8. Heike P. #heikep47
  9. Mirkko K. #mirkkok63
  10. Eija R. #eijar83


Congratulations to the winners!


Always play responsibly.



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Winners – November Treasure Hunt

And the winners are:


500 EUR Mikael O (mikaelelo6)

200 EUR Rauno M (raunom19)

200 EUR Melissa P (melissap26)

50 EUR Jakko S (jakkos24)

50 EUR Pekka R (pekkar73)


Winners of the 10 EUR:


Ville-Veikko S villes42
Tiit L tiitl88
Markku R markkur34
Irma K irmak22
Marko K markok75
Eija F eijaf39
Elvira J elviraj54
Helari V helariv87
Siiri L siiril42
Jenni H jennih23
Hanna K hannak543
Eija R eijar83
Tõnu I tõnui36
Nikita K nikitak64
Stella H stellah63
Aime A aimea16
Joonas R joonasr25
Leo O leoo16
Annika A annikaa96
Joonas S joonass46
Mikko K mikkok988
Heidi H heidih32
Deniss B denissb94
Kristjan K kristjank31
Edvin S edvins15
Sami Markus Juhani P samip96
Marko K markok21
Jori V joriv27
Jarmo K jarmok73
Eneken O enekeno28
Veera S veeras53
Juha R juhar314
Viljo I viljoi67
Küllike E küllikee67
Targo S targos72
Silver S silvers581
Eiko A eikoa94
Mirko R mirkor46
Pille L pillel59
Aleksei P alekseip966
Svetlana R svetlanar44
Guest #32871 guestg87445
Sonja H sonjah295
Maarja S maarjas89
Edgar K edgark89
Hannes L hannesl49


If you won the 50 free spins, these will be credited on your next login!


Congratulations to the winners and stay tuned for more competitions!


18/21+ Play responsibly.



May Treasure Hunt – Winners!

And the lucky ones are:

500 EUR = Katrin J (katrinj42)

200 EUR = Pille R (guestg12679) and Susanna V (susannav74)

50 EUR = Marja K (marjak30) and Kerli H (kerlih67)

10 EUR:

Manu H manuh42
Kaarina S kaarinas99
Kadi R kadir41
Kirsi N kirsin38
Grista M gristam73
Kasso L kassol64
Pasi K pasik893
Marthin P marthinp82
Anneli P annelip66
Rauli O raulio21
Saana P saanap33
Kuldar K kuldark31
Johanna F johannat95
Gretlin R gretlinr98
Kalli O kallio82
Tatjana P tatjanap93
Edvin S edvins15
Stive A stivea34
Anti V antiv13
 Ilme L l78
Kerli H kerlih26
Margus P margusp951
Ingo H ingoh91
Margus A margusa68
Marko N markon88
Rauno R r54
Andres K andresk79
Jürgen P jürgenp85
Inna T innat69
Kairit L kairitl19
Sander S sanders89
Tiiu K tiiuk94
Annika J annikaj39
Ave I avei68
Aleksandr L aleksandrl12
Tiina H tiinah97
Rita V ritav74
Henri P henrip26
Avo L avol84
Eva Lotta T evat59
Reimo T reimot44
Maarja O maarjao42
Merike K merikek97
Marek K marekk62
Õilme S õilmes15


Congratulations to the winners!

18+ Play responsibly




Ready, set go!

🇷🇺 Прочитайте эту статью на русском языке здесь

🇪🇪 Loe seda artiklit eesti keeles siin

🇫🇮 Lue tämä Suomeksi tästä

🇳🇴 Les dette på norsk her

Between 23.11-29.11 you can get extra rewards and prizes just by taking part in our free races and megaraces. For every three races that you play and complete, you will automatically get extra free spins no matter what was the result and your final position in the races.

There is also Chanz to win cash prizes, as you will additionally get one ticket for the main raffle for every three races that you have completed. The raffle will be held on 30.11 and the three luckiest players will win cash prizes of €250, €150 and €100 respectively.

A single race run consists of playing exactly 50 spins during a race. You can do this and try a new run as many times as you want during a duration of a single race to achieve the best possible result.

Terms & Conditions

18/21+ Always play responsibly

Win Nintendo Entertainment System! (COMPETITION ENDED)

Its time to get entertained!

And we have the winners in our NINTENDO competition! The NES system went to Jennifer W, Saila K and Tuovi T. Winners of the Mystery Prize are Jekaterina R and Jani K! Congratulations!🥇😃🏆



Is this your lucky day? Make a deposit between 19.11.2019 09:00 CET – 20.11.2019 23:59 CET with code NINTENDO and you can win a Nintendo Entertainment System!

We will also give out 2 mystery prices, so total there will be 5 lucky players who will get an Christmas present from us.



  • This campaign is valid 19.11.2019 09:00 CET – 20.11.2019 23:59 CET for players who make a deposit using code NINTENDO.
  • This offer is not valid in Sweden or Poland.
  • Winners will be randomly drawn by Chanz staff and the result cant be contested.
  • Main prize: Nintendo Entertainment System (3 x). We will also have 2 x mystery prizes to send out.
  • Winners are responsible for all other expenses (taxes etc) than postal that is paid by us. We aim to send the package within 10 days of the end of the competition.
  • We attempt to contact the winners 3 days via email. If we do not succeed, new winner will be drawn.
  • Chanz general t&c will apply.


Always play responsibly. 18/21+



Social Eeaster Egg Hunt Winners!

And the winners are:

Krista L, Mikko L, Eva A, Reido M, Ari R, Suvi P, Jaan G, Rebecka L, Mario H and Wesley V !

You have been credited spins to Easter Islands in your account! Congratulations!

Thank you all for taking part, and stay tuned for more competitions soon!



Hunt of the Easter Egg

Easter Egg Hunt!


Our Easter Egg Hunt is in full progress at chanz.com!

We will launch our social Easter Egg Hunt today, and all you need to do is to watch the video below, and answer here how many Easter Eggs did you find on the video!

If you cant see the comment section below this post, click here.


  1. Watch the video below.
  2. Comment to this post here in Chanzblog the correct answer. Remember to add your name and email address.
  3. Only way to participate is here at Chanzblog, answers coming in via another social medias or customer services are not accepted.
  4. You have until 9.4.2019 23:59 CET to post your answer.
  5. Prices: 10 random players who have answered correctly will receive a gift to their account. Chanz regular t&c will apply. Prices will be credited at the end of the day 10.4.2019 and winners will be notified here at Chanzblog and via email.



Always play responsible.

Giftcards – Competition

Win a giftcard!

Weekend is approaching and we are giving out 5 x 20 EUR giftcards for the lucky ones! Read below how you can be one of the winners and take part to the competition!


Simple watch the Youtube video below, and leave a comment to this post with your name and email (and ofcourse the correct answers). You have until 17.3.2019 23:59 CET to submit your answer.

We want to know what was the highest win during this slot session and amount of freespins collected in the Zombie Hoard game. If you cant see the comment form below, please click here. Only Chanz personnel will see your submissions via this page.




We will draw out 5 x 20 EUR presentcards next week. We will contact the winners personally, and you can also choose to take the money to your Chanz account and withdraw/play it from there.

Facebook and other social medias are not involved in this promotion and it is solely handled by Chanz.com.

Good luck!

Ps. If you dont have an account with us, its time to open one now, just click here!


Weekly Newsletter

Chanz -Newsletter

Daily Chanz

Have you taken your Chanz yet? Every day until 14.3.2019 there will be a new task revealed at our homepage. It can be bonus, freespins etc. Please note that this offer has some country restrictions, please check the terms and conditions when you are logged in!

Social Media

In the last few weeks, we have given out Wolt presentcards, freespins, Chanz merchandise and other stuff in our social media competitions! If you haven’t liked our pages yet, you can do it in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now! More exciting stuff is coming soon!

New games

We have added lots of new games during the last weeks, for example Carnival Queen from Thunderkick, Golden Grimoire from NetEnt and Champions of Rome from Yggdrasil. There is new games coming in every week, so remember to check the category “Latest Releases” for new, exciting games!

Fact of the Day / Did you know?

What speed is required to leave Earth?

A spacecraft leaving the surface of Earth, for example, needs to be going about 11 kilometers (7 miles) per second, or over 40,000 kilometers per hour (25,000 miles per hour), to enter orbit. Achieving escape velocity is one of the biggest challenges facing space travel.

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Thats all for this time, we will back next week with more news!

Always play responsible.