Online Slotmachines – how do they work?

Slotmachines – RNG


Have you ever wondered, how the online slotmachines work?

There is lots of stories and beliefs that suggests that slots are fixed. This is not the case when you play at licensed casinos like

All slots at licensed casinos are using something called random number generator.

This creates random sequences every millisecond, and this way its making sure that every slot is fair and result cannot be fixed. Since its random, the previous spin has nothing to do with the next spin outcome etc.

Lets take for example a slot called Divine Fortune, where a Chanz player recently won a Jackpot over 80.000 EUR.

After this big win, it will still have the same odds of paying the jackpot, like it was never triggered – slotmachines dont have memory.

To make it simple: Your luck is determined by mathematical calculations. Nothing else.

And last: Online slotmachines hosted on licensed casinos cannot be fixed. We cant alter payouts or any other factors either. Slots are built, provided and developed by third-party companies who also host the games, they do not run on our servers.

Playing slots should be fun, not making money!

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