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Cursed Seas – Games Global

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Yarrr, are you ready to set the sails matey? It’s been a good while since we last saw a good pirate themed slot, but Cursed Seas fills this gap and does it very well. The game is developed by Hacksaw Gaming and published by Games Global. It has a pretty standard layout consisting of five reels with four rows of symbols in each of them, creating a total of 26 fixed winlines. Lets dive straight in and take a look at the other features it has to offer!



All in all this slot has quite simplistic features, which we see as a good thing as it means that the game is well suited for a broad range of players. It’s easy to understand and get into, so anyone can just start spinning and enjoying the game straight away.

During the base game the most important and prominent feature is definitely the Cursed Chest symbols. These symbols act as Wild-symbols with a twist; when you land one of them on your reels, it creates a cursed area from the position it landed on to the top of the reel if there is a win on the cursed area it would create. So if you land the symbol at the very bottom position on your reel, the whole reel becomes cursed, whereas landing it in the top row would create a cursed area covering only that top row spot. The Cursed Chest symbol also comes with a win multiplier that ranges from 2x to 200x, and all winning combinations that go through the cursed area the chest has created will get this win multiplier applied to them. It’s also possible to land multiple Cursed Chests on different reels and if you get a win going through multiple cursed areas their win multipliers will be added together. The game also has a normal Wild symbol, which is a regular chest symbol that does not include a win multiplier nor does it create any special areas like its cursed counterpart.

There are two different Free Spin features in the game and the first of them is called the Sunken Treasure bonus. This is triggered when you land three Lantern Scatter symbols anywhere on your reels and it starts with 10 Free Spins. This feature is basically an enhanced version of the base game, as it works exactly the same as the base game does but now the Cursed Chest symbols are always opened and activated even if there is no win on the cursed area it creates. Additionally the cursed area remains in its place for the whole duration of the Free Spins, and all the win multipliers from the Cursed Chest symbols are added to a total multiplier which affects all the cursed areas you have created.

The second Free Spin feature is called the Dead Men Tell No Tales bonus and this is triggered if you land four Lantern Scatter symbols during the base game. This is completely different style of bonus game, as now you get only three Free Spins to start with and there are only three different symbols that can land during the feature. Every time you land any of these three possible symbols, your Free Spin count will reset back to the initial three Free Spins. The three different symbols you can land are the Cursed Skull symbol, Tormented Skull symbol and Kraken symbol. The Cursed Skull symbol has a win multiplier of 1x-500x and it also creates a cursed area from its position to the top of the reel, just like the Cursed Chest does in the base game. The Tormented Skull has a win multiplier of 2x-25x which is applied only to the reel it landed on. The Kraken symbol has a win multiplier of 1x-500x which is added to all five reels. Landing no symbols at all will of course decrease your Free Spin count and the feature ends when all of your Free Spins are used – essentially when you get three spins in a row without any symbols landed. When the feature ends all of your collected win multipliers are added together and paid out.


Chanz verdict

Overall we really enjoyed this game. The ghost pirate theme is awesome and goes well with the games graphics depicting the dark and stormy seas. The soundtrack is also worth mentioning, as it manages to create a quite eery atmosphere and there are some cool sound effects that go along with it. Finally as mentioned in the beginning, the slot is quite simplistic and easy to get into, but there are still good amount of content in it like the two different Free Spin features which keeps things interesting. We can recommend this slot for everyone so head to to try it out yourself!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.