10 facts about Halloween

Are you scared?

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Halloween might be the spookiest night of the year and it is soon time to celebrate this magnificent party!

We at Chanz collected 10 interesting facts about Halloween you never knew. Are you ready to get scared?


  1. Halloween is best known and celebrated in United States but it origins from ancient Celtic festivals after the harvest season. These festivals used to have pagan roots, but there is also historic information about Halloween’s roots as Christian holiday.


  1. Word Halloween goes back approximately to year 1745 and this word has Christian roots. Originally Halloween used to mean “holy evening” coming from Scottish word All Hallow’s Eve. Halloween is also known as Allhalloween or All Saints’ Eve.


  1. Full moon is typical cliché in horror movies and usually associated with Halloween celebrations. This is still extremely rare and next full moon on Halloween occurs in 2020 and most recent full moon Halloween was celebrated back in 2001 and 1955.


  1. Halloween is most known in United States but the celebrations became mainstream in the 20th century. First big Halloween night parade was organized in New York City in 1974 and today it is the world’s largest Halloween parade.


  1. The most know Halloween celebration is trick-or-treating, kids going from door to door begging for candies. This tradition has existed for a long time and it was known as guising or souling where children and poor adults wore costumes and begged for food and money.


  1. Even though Halloween has roots in Europe, is has become more and more popular since 1990s. For example, in Germany Halloween was not celebrated before that and in Greece it became popular in 2010s with influence of the western clubs. The tradition and the celebrations are still pretty similar throughout the world.


  1. Halloween is a great theme in popular culture and the most iconic appearance must be Halloween movie series which started in 1978 with the movie directed by John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis on the main role. Since 1978 series has had 11 sequels and the newest movie premiered this fall and had Jamie Lee Curtis on the reprise role and John Carpenter as a consultant.


  1. Pets have also a great role in Halloween and pet costumes are huge business in everywhere the world. For example, in The United States pet costumes are being sold with more than half a billion dollars every year. Meow!


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