Chanz – Social experience

Social Casino

You have propably noticed, that Chanz is not just a casino, but a site with range of other social functions. In this article, we are going to present you briefly our social functions.


Wall messages & chat

When you login, you can use our Chanz wall to send messages to your friends, just like in Facebook. You can choose if you want to send the message to all of your friends, or just to one friend as private message. And you can ofcourse like messages, and decorate your own messages with smileys :). Remember netiquette when chatting with others!



Chanz features free card games for you to play together with friends: Trick13 and Mexis. You can choose if you want to play with friends, or if your friends are not online, you can also play with strangers. It is free to play these games, and the coins cannot be exhanged to real money or bonuses. This is a classical card game with a twist, and you will see the rules after you have opened the game.


Pool is simplified sportsbetting. Here we have pretermined pools with prizes, but you can also create your own pools and challenge / invite your friends to take part! Play on your favourite sports and leagues, beat the street and scoop the whole prize!

It is simple to play the pool. Just select any pools that have already created, put in the results, place the bet! After that you can even invite your friends to join the same pool with invitation link, sms or via social medias. Or if you dont like any of the premade pools, just create your own one!


Now its getting exciting. Are you our next King of the Hill? Here you can challenge your friends to play slots together with you, here it is how it works:

  • Click on the “Challenge” icon on the top right side of the main page
  • Select game, buy-in amount and opponent. You can invite a friend or be randomly paired with an opponent
  • Click on the “Challenge” button
  • You play with real money for the amount you have paid in
  • A Challenge lasts for 2 minutes
  • To punch harder increase bet. Try to punch as much as you can during time of the challenge to win challenge
  • The winner of a challenge will instantly receive Free Spins* to a random game. You will find more information on your Chanz wall after each win
  • *In order to qualify for the Challenge win and Free Spin winnings, you need to place bets for min. €3 during the Challenge
  • Each challenge win contributes points to your Loyalty level

There is also tournament period, and you can see the remaining time in Challenge page, and current results. The player who have won most challenges during that period, will win 100 extra Free spins, and there is also prizes for 3 next position.



What, a race here at Chanz? Yes, now you can even do a Megarace! But how do they differ:

Race: Make 50 real money spins and see how far you get, the more you win, the further and faster you run. TOP 10 players will be rewarded during the race period.

Megarace: Buy yourself in with 1 EUR, and it will be added to the price pool. Make 50 real money rounds and run! TOP 3 players will be get their part of the price pool, and last 3 players will get freespins.

Invite friends

Share your invitation link with friends who are not on Chanz. If they join using your invitation, we will reward both you and your friend. T&C will apply.

Social Medias

Chanz is of course presented in Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Follow us there, and you can find lots of interesting articles, posts and even competitions! And here in Chanzblog we have sometimes exclusive competitions aswell, like our X-mas calendar last year!

Visit us today to test our social functions!

Always play responsible.