Gedly Tugi: Estonia’s Rising Star in Javelin Throw

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In the quaint town of Karksi-Nuia, nestled in the heart of Estonia, a new athletic talent is making waves. Gedly Tugi, a name now echoing through the corridors of javelin throwing, shares with us her journey from a young enthusiast to a contender on the global stage. Her story is one of ambition, guided by the foundational teachings of her father, Taimo Tugi, and refined under the tutelage of esteemed coaches.

Her progression in the sport was significantly shaped by the early mentorship of Mikk-Mihkel Arro, a former decathlete who introduced her to the life and training routines of professional athletes. “Working with Mikk-Mihkel for six years was crucial; under his guidance, I won my first international medals in youth competitions,” Gedly reflects on this pivotal phase of her career.


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Currently, Gedly’s training is spearheaded by Magnus Kirt, not just as a mentor but as her main coach, providing strategic oversight and technical refinement. Toomas Merila assists primarily with javelin technique, complementing Magnus’s broader coaching role. Meanwhile, Indrek Tustit is tasked with designing her physical training plans. “Having such a dedicated team allows me to focus on excelling in every aspect of the sport,” Gedly notes.

Gedly’s accolades, including a silver medal at the U23 European Championships in Espoo in 2023 and a personal best throw of 60.65 meters, underline her burgeoning career. When asked about these achievements, Gedly is quick to share the credit. “These milestones are not just mine; they’re a reflection of the support and faith my family, coaches, and Magnus have in me,” she notes, emphasizing the collective effort behind her success.

Looking ahead, Gedly has her eyes set on the upcoming 2024 Olympics, a stage she’s dreamed of since she first picked up a javelin. “The Olympics represent the pinnacle of what we, as athletes, strive for. It’s not just about competing; it’s about showcasing the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and the unwavering belief that anything is possible,” Gedly explains, her determination evident.

Gedly’s journey from Karksi-Nuia to the precipice of international acclaim is more than just an athletic endeavor; it’s a narrative of passion, resilience, and the power of a supportive network. Her story serves as a source of inspiration, not just for aspiring athletes, but for anyone chasing their dreams against the odds.

As we wrapped up our conversation, Gedly shared a final thought: “Every throw is a lesson, every competition an opportunity. I’m just getting started.”

Chanz, known for its enthusiastic support of Estonia’s top athletes, is proudly sponsoring Gedly Tugi, one of the nation’s brightest stars in javelin throwing. This partnership highlights Chanz’s commitment to nurturing homegrown talent, providing Gedly with the resources and support needed to excel on the international stage. “It’s an honor to have Chanz by my side,” Gedly says, “Their support not only boosts my training but also amplifies my ability to focus fully on my athletic goals.” is operated by Dreambox Games OÜ with online gambling licenses in Estonia, Sweden and Denmark.

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eSports – what it is?

eSports – Electronic Sports

You have propably seen lots of newsarticles about eSports. For most of us, that does not tell so much, so we here at Chanz has decided to open up this subject a littlebit.

eSports is simply competition using different video games. They are organised as multiplayer competitions, where professional players and teams will compete. Many of the current game developers actively plan and design towards eSports culture.


There is several different categories, that are associated with this stype of sports: RTS (Real-time strategy), FPS (First-time shooter) and MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena).

There is several popular games that are used for eSports, like League of LegendsDota 2Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveCall of DutyHeroes of the StormHearthstoneOverwatchSmiteRainbow Six SiegePlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and StarCraft II.

eSports are really popular, and it has been estimated that by the year 2019 over 427 million people worldwide will be watching eSports. This is achiveved mostly by large availibility of different online streaming services like Youtube and Twitch. Generally the eSports are attracting more younger males of the ages 18-34 years old but there is a several female personalities with eSports that are increasing the current and future female presence in eSports.

Big Business

Global eSports market genereated US$325 million of revenue already in 2015 nearly 500 million at the 2016. And since mobile platforms seem to be the future, it is predicted that mobile users are claiming over 50% of the market by 2020. There has also been talks to legitimize eSports in Olympic games, and there has been extensive discussions to bring eSports to 2024 Olympics in Paris.


You might have heard this word several times when following the discussion about eSports. This simple means the local area network (LAN). Because competitors in eSports need to be physically present, LAN ensures fair play since it has very little lag and has high quality of network traffic. It also prevents many forms of cheating, such as hardware that is not allowed or modded/hacked software.



There will be more and more presence for eSports in the future, and we are sure that it will be seen in the olympics aswell at some point.

In the video below finnish player Lasse “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen is playing DOTA 2



Here at Chanz we do not offer eSports betting yet, but in the meantime you can check our selection of Virtual Sport Games.

Dota 2 : Copyright Valve Corporation

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