Robert Virves’ Epic Return: Ready to Conquer the WRC Series in 2024

Back in Action for the WRC Series

Hey rally fans! We’ve got some electrifying news from the world of WRC: Robert Virves is making a comeback! After a nine-month break, our favorite Estonian rally driver is hitting the track again, starting with the Sardinia Rally next weekend. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in store for Virves and his team.


The Comeback Car: Škoda Fabia RS Rally2


Robert Virves will be tearing up the tracks in the sleek Škoda Fabia RS Rally2, prepped to perfection by the RaceSeven team. This beast of a car is known for its power and reliability, which should give Virves the edge he needs to dominate the rally stages. Get ready to see this car in action as it navigates the rough and rocky terrains of Sardinia.


Meet the Co-Driver

Every great driver needs a great co-driver, and Robert Virves has teamed up with Aleks Lesk. These two are set to be an unstoppable duo. Lesk’s job as the navigator (or card reader) is crucial, especially in the tricky and fast-paced world of rally racing. Their chemistry and teamwork will be key to taking on the challenges ahead.


On the Road Again


Virves isn’t just dipping his toes back in the water; he’s diving headfirst into the WRC series. After Sardinia, he’ll be competing in the Polish and Latvian stages. Each rally brings its own set of challenges:

– **Sardinia Rally**: Known for its tough, rocky roads and scorching heat. This is where Virves will make his grand return.
– **Polish Rally**: Fast and flowing gravel stages that demand speed and precision. It’s going to be an exciting test of Virves’ skills.
– **Latvian Rally**: Smooth and technical gravel roads where finesse and control are everything. Another perfect stage for Virves to show what he’s made of.


Fans and Supporters

Robert’s return wouldn’t be possible without the incredible support from his fans and backers. It’s been a tough nine months off the track, but with everyone’s help, he’s back and ready to race. The gratitude his team feels is immense, and he’s more motivated than ever to make you all proud. Chanz Casino as official sponsor of Robert is proud to be part of this journey.

So, gear up and get ready to cheer on Robert Virves as he makes his much-anticipated return to the WRC series. Sardinia is just the beginning, and with the Polish and Latvian rallies on the horizon, it’s going to be a season to remember. Let’s rally behind Virves and watch him take the WRC by storm!


Robert Virves casino
Robert Virves & (C)
Robert Virves WRC Car casino
Robert Virves & (C)
Robert Virves casino
Robert Virves & (C)





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