The Friendly Guide to Responsible Gambling

Responsible gaming


Hey there, awesome person! 🎲 Ever tried your hand at a casino game or shouted at the TV during a nail-biting match, hoping your bet would win?

Oh, the thrill! But, like binge-watching your favorite series or indulging in that extra slice of pizza, there’s a line between “just right” and “oops, too much.”

Let’s dive into the world of responsible gambling, shall we?


So, What’s This Responsible Gambling Thing?

Think of it like this: You’re at an all-you-can-eat ice cream parlor. Yum, right? But you wouldn’t eat every flavor till you’re sick. That’s what responsible gambling feels like.

It’s about savoring the fun without getting a “gambling bellyache.” It’s playing for the giggles, not the gold.


Keeping It Cool: Tips and Tricks

  1. Budgeting: Set aside some cash for gambling, just like you would for a night out. Once it’s gone, it’s game over.
  2. Time Check: Ever lost track of time playing a game? Set a reminder or alarm. Keeps things in perspective.
  3. Break Time: Step away from the game now and then. Grab a drink, take a walk, or just chill.


Mastering the Game

  • Know Your Stuff: Brush up on game rules. Remember, casino games are purely randomized, so it’s all about the luck of the draw.
  • Avoid the Downward Spiral: Lost a bit? It happens. But chasing losses? Not cool. Sometimes, it’s best to just step back.
  • Reach Out: If things get heavy, there’s no harm in asking for help. Everyone needs a hand sometimes.


Casinos and the Responsible Gaming Groove

Casinos, especially the top-notch ones, are all about ensuring you have a good time in a safe environment. They offer tools and options to help you maintain balance and control.

And if you ever need assistance or have questions, they’re ready to assist.


By the way, over at, we’re big on responsible gaming. Our team is well-versed in it. If you’ve got questions or just need some guidance, our support is here to help.


18/21+ Always play responsibly

Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming @ Chanz

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We here at Chanz are taking responsible gaming seriously. We have installed several tools for you to control your gambling. Gambling should always be seen as form of entertainment, not a way to make money. Of course it is nice to win big, but never chase your losses and only play what you can afford.


At Chanz you can set yourself deposit limit, session limit, losslimit and even freeze your account for a specific period of time. If you are living in Sweden, you can also use the national service

If you use Spelpaus service, you can pause all your casino accounts under the Swedish license. You can check all the casinos under the Swedish License from here.

Self assesment

Here is a small questionnaire that you can do, if you suspect that you might have a problem with gambling:

  • Have other people criticised your betting or told you that you had a gambling problem?
  • Have you borrowed money or sold something to get money to gamble?
  • Do you bet more than you can afford to loose?
  • Have you ever felt guilty about the way you gamble or what happens when you gamble?
  • Has gambling caused any financial problems for you or your household?
  • Have you wondered whether you have a problem with gambling?
  • Do you need to gamble with larger amounts of money to get the same feeling?
  • Have you ever felt guilty about the way you gamble or what happens when you gamble?
  • Have you tried to win back money you have lost (chasing losses)?


Score 0 for each time you answer “never”
Score 1 for each time you answer “sometimes”
Score 2 for each time you answer “most of the time”
Score 3 for each time you answer “almost always”

If your total score is 8 or higher, you might have a problem.

There is help available

First and most important thing is to realise that you might have a problem.

The next step is to contact support organisations. There is many available, like Gamanon.

In Sweden, you can also check the for more information. For Finland there is Peluuri service, and for Norway Spillbehandling. In other countries, you can contact your own healthcare organisation for help and advice.

You can always contact Chanz customer service to get more information. All our staff is trained for responsible gaming issues, and can advice more of limits and tools you can use to control your gambling habits.


You can find the responsible gaming section at Chanz here. (You need to be logged in).

We have also composed an article about RTP (Return to Player in Casino Games), that you can find from here.


The myth and tinfoil hat theory

You might have seen or think this:

 Gosh, this casino is so rigged, no winnings at all. Let me go and play at site XXXXX, the machines there are much more better programmed! The games are surely rigged here! Im sure of it!


Well, you are wrong, let us correct some of the “information” that you have:

  • Online casino is basicly a frontend for slots or other games. The games are not hosted by casino, but the provider, like NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play etc. Casino cannot change the outcome of the game. If RTP is to be changed (Return to Player), the provider of the game would first need get an approval from Gambling authorities and do a thorough testing of the game. Summa summarum: It doesnt matter where you play, you have the same chances everywhere.

So shortly:

You just have to get lucky. If you are lucky, you will win. Otherwise be prepared for a loss. Gambling should be fun, and never gamble if you cant afford it.

If you feel that you gamble too much, contact the customer service of the casino immediatly, they can help you to set limits, close accounts and point to you correct direction if you need search help for gambling addiction.



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