RTP – What it is?

What is RTP?

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Sometimes you might come across the term RTP when playing online casino games. The definition of this three-letter word is Return To Player. To put things simple, RTP means the theoretical percentage that a casino returns to a player on slot machines. With table games, the term used for this is “house edge”. Both terms RTP and “house edge” refer to the same thing.


First, let’s take a closer look at RTP percentage. Every slot machine has its own RTP percentage which is normally somewhere between 94 to 99. For example, if the RTP of a certain game is 95%, it means a return of 95 euros for an investment of 100 euros. It is important to realise that the RTP percentage applies to a significant number of game plays only, not to each individual occasion the slot is being played. For example, if a slot shows a 95% RTP, you shouldn’t expect to win an average of 95 euros for every 100 euros you stake during a playing session.


When playing online casino games, you need to remember that the house, or the casino, always has the edge. If the RTP of a certain game was 100%, it would also mean, that the player and the casino were in the same position.


What is a good RTP?


You can find the RTP of a certain game normally on the slots’ info page in the casino. In Chanz casino this information is easily available, but if you can’t find the RTP for the game, you can find it easily online. Just use your search engine and type RTP + the game’s name on the search field and you can find the RTP fast and efficiently.


What is a good RTP percent then? As stated above, the RTP normally varies from 94 to 99 in slot games. You should target on games which have an RTP of more than 96. Usually the new casino games have an RTP between 96-98, meaning that below 95 is low and more than 98 is really high. Some games might have an RTP of more than 99, but that usually refers to specially priced bonus rounds which are significantly more expensive for the player than the normal rounds.


Best RTP games


If you want to discover games with some of best RTP percentages available, you should try these slots at Chanz casino.


1429 Uncharted Seas – 98.6%

1429 Uncharted Seas is a five reel slot with twenty five paylines by a/the well-known gaming company Thunderkick. The theme of the game is a sea adventure, taking place some six hundred years ago. 1429 has an amazing RTP percent which goes as high as 98.6.


Blood Suckers – 98%

Blood Suckers is a classic vampire themed game from NetEnt. This game has a low variance and an RTP of 98%, which means this slot will give a load of small wins with a high return to the player.


Starmania – 97.87%

NextGen created a Starburst-themed slot a few years back and it features 10 paylines to both directions. This game has a double-your-wins option. The RTP is 97.87%.


Kings Of Chicago – 97.8%

Kings Of Chicago by NetEnt is a nice and unique slot. In this game your goal is to gain the best poker hand out of five hands dealt on a single deal. This game has a whopping 97.8% RTP.


Devil’s Delight – 97.6%

Devil’s Delight is one the most popular NetEnt slots. This game features a truly demonic style, lost souls, beautiful creatures and a nice RTP of 97.6%



Of course the main criteria for choosing a slot machine isn’t usually the RTP. You should pick the slot that you really like, and then, if the RTP is good enough, it will be a good match. Have the best of luck at Chanz casino!