Trip to Italy – Winners!

And the winners are:

Trip to Italy 1000 EUR: Hille O (hilleo19)


Winners of the 25 EUR:

Rocky T rockyt44
Irma K irmak22
Susanna V susannav74
Ahto L ahtol14
Sirje R sirjer87
Lauri R laurir32
Janina H janinah73
Kalev K kalevk19
Sanna P sannap53
Riina S riinas82
Germo P germop68
Indrek V indrekv81
Aivar V aivarv99
Taru T tarut22
Urve P urvep93
Birgit Õ birgitõ75
Maris K marisk83
Aive M aivem45
Kaire K kairek65
Raili L railil59
Roman G romang62
Sergey K sergeyk82
Õilme S õilmes15
Artur K arturk88
Ilja R ильяр54



Congratulations to the winners!


18/21+ Play responsibly.




Winners – November Treasure Hunt

And the winners are:


500 EUR Mikael O (mikaelelo6)

200 EUR Rauno M (raunom19)

200 EUR Melissa P (melissap26)

50 EUR Jakko S (jakkos24)

50 EUR Pekka R (pekkar73)


Winners of the 10 EUR:


Ville-Veikko S villes42
Tiit L tiitl88
Markku R markkur34
Irma K irmak22
Marko K markok75
Eija F eijaf39
Elvira J elviraj54
Helari V helariv87
Siiri L siiril42
Jenni H jennih23
Hanna K hannak543
Eija R eijar83
Tõnu I tõnui36
Nikita K nikitak64
Stella H stellah63
Aime A aimea16
Joonas R joonasr25
Leo O leoo16
Annika A annikaa96
Joonas S joonass46
Mikko K mikkok988
Heidi H heidih32
Deniss B denissb94
Kristjan K kristjank31
Edvin S edvins15
Sami Markus Juhani P samip96
Marko K markok21
Jori V joriv27
Jarmo K jarmok73
Eneken O enekeno28
Veera S veeras53
Juha R juhar314
Viljo I viljoi67
Küllike E küllikee67
Targo S targos72
Silver S silvers581
Eiko A eikoa94
Mirko R mirkor46
Pille L pillel59
Aleksei P alekseip966
Svetlana R svetlanar44
Guest #32871 guestg87445
Sonja H sonjah295
Maarja S maarjas89
Edgar K edgark89
Hannes L hannesl49


If you won the 50 free spins, these will be credited on your next login!


Congratulations to the winners and stay tuned for more competitions!


18/21+ Play responsibly.

Halloween 2022 Winners!

And the winners are!


500 EUR = Elmo L (elmol23)

300 EUR = Tanel R (tanelr24)

200 EUR = Eija R (eijar83)


25 players who won 100 free spins will get the spins on their next login:

Markku R markkur46
Liilia T liiliat25
Irma K irmak22
Marja K marjak30
Margus H margush13
Anu M anup28
Elmo L elmol23
Riina P riinap47
Innar R innarr11
Leea K leeak57
Riina L riinal64
Merle J merlej33
Marko V markov26
Antti-Jussi L anttil77
Rauno M raunom19
 Jaana K k88
 Andrias A a41
Oleg K olegk274
Tarja S tarjas74
Aulo M aulom87
Mati P matip85
Nina B ninab43
Anti L antil44
Aime V aimev41
Aivar K aivark98
Sonja H sonjah295


Congratulations to the winners!



Tour De Chanz Winners!

And we have the winners!


Electric scooter: Helgi V and Anneli P


100 Free Spins to Starburst: Marika M, Marko K, Marko A, Jaanika V and Merit G


If you completed all 21 achievements, you will find 50 free spins in your account on your next login!


Congratulations and stay tuned for more competitions!


18/21+ Always play responsibly


Winners on our latest competition!

Winner for the trip to Tokyo is…

Sulo H from Estonia!

Winners of the 100 free spins are:

Annika J – Marko V – Saima K – Kristi P – Ivo L

We have notified the winners! Congratulations and thank you all for taking part to this competition!


Here is some facts of Tokyo for Sulo:


  • Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world, hosting over 36 million people spread over three prefectures.
  • Tokyo was formerly known as “Edo” in the 20th century. The name was changed to Tokyo in 1890 in light of the Meiji Restoration.
  • Vending machines are everywhere! There are vending machines roughly every 12 meters in Tokyo, so you never have to worry about getting thirsty! It is estimated that about 3% of Japan’s power goes toward powering vending machines.
  • The cherry blossom is the national symbol of Japan. In April, the trees flower for two weeks, during a period known as “Hanami.”
  • Tokyo has the most top-rated restaurants in the world. It is home to over 14 three-star Michelin restaurants.
  • The Shibuya Crossing located in the Shibuya ward is rumoured to be the busiest intersection in the world. At peak times over 1000 people cross at the same time, coming from all directions.



May Treasure Hunt Winners

And the winners are:


Markku R. from Finland won the 1000 EUR main price!

The five lucky winners of 100 Free Spins each to their favorite game are; Wijmpje B, Meelis K, Marie W, Niko R, and Ürmo N.

Congratulations!  We have contacted the winners!

Stay tuned for our new campaign later today! 

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