The myth and tinfoil hat theory

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You might have seen or think this:

 Gosh, this casino is so rigged, no winnings at all. Let me go and play at site XXXXX, the machines there are much more better programmed! The games are surely rigged here! Im sure of it!


Well, you are wrong, let us correct some of the “information” that you have:

  • Online casino is basicly a frontend for slots or other games. The games are not hosted by casino, but the provider, like NetEnt, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play etc. Casino cannot change the outcome of the game. If RTP is to be changed (Return to Player), the provider of the game would first need get an approval from Gambling authorities and do a thorough testing of the game. Summa summarum: It doesnt matter where you play, you have the same chances everywhere.

So shortly:

You just have to get lucky. If you are lucky, you will win. Otherwise be prepared for a loss. Gambling should be fun, and never gamble if you cant afford it.

If you feel that you gamble too much, contact the customer service of the casino immediatly, they can help you to set limits, close accounts and point to you correct direction if you need search help for gambling addiction.