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The Race – Big Time Gaming

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Before loading this slot up on your screen for the very first time, you might expect to see some sort of shiny fast sports cars competing against each other on a race track or something along those lines. And we can’t really blame you for that, because that is exactly what we initially thought as well just reading the name of the game. However, that assumption couldn’t be more wrong, as this brand new release from Big Time Gaming is actually more like a gameshow type of slot, where the only thing racing will be your heart from all the excitement of it! Now that we have cleared that up, lets take a closer look of its features.



First of all, this game utilizes the super popular Megaways mechanic, which I am sure many of you readers are already very familiar with – but despite that lets quickly recap what it means. The game is built on six reels where the symbol rows are dynamic, meaning that on any spin each of the reels can have anywhere between 2-7 symbols. At its best this would of course mean that you could have each of the six reels filled with 7 symbols, creating a 6×7 sized area with a massive amount of winlines – 117,649 in total to be exact. Additionally in a traditional Megaways-style when you land a win, the winning symbols will be removed from the reels and new ones will be dropped to replace them, and this goes on for as long until no new wins are created with the newly dropped symbols.

That is pretty much how every single Megaways-slot usually work, but there are some additional special features included here as well. There is a Wild symbol in this game, which works just like you would expect it to work replacing any other symbols on the grid to help you create wins. But any time you land a Wild symbol on your reels, you can also randomly trigger the Wild Duplication feature. When this happens, all the other normal symbols that are above your Wild symbol(s) will also turn into Wilds.

Now the real kicker in this game is definitely within its Free Spin feature, which is called the Heart Bonus Round and triggered with three Scatter symbols. This is where the gameshow theme of the game really shines through as well, as it first starts with a minigame which decides how many lives you get for the Free Spin feature. The minigame is played on a 4×5 sized grid where you get three initial spins to start with, and now only Heart symbols or blanks can land on the reels. Each Heart symbol that you land will stay on its place and reset the spin amount back to the initial three, and the minigame ends when you either run out of spins or when the whole grid is filled up completely with only Heart symbols. These Hearts will then be collected at the end of the minigame and they serve as your lives in the actual Free Spin feature – meaning that with a full grid of Heart symbols you would start with 20 lives.

The actual Free Spin feature is really quite innovative and awesome, since technically you have unlimited number of Free Spins. Yep, you read that completely right. There is no set number of Free Spins for the feature, and instead you can spin as long as your lives last. Otherwise the Free Spin feature works exactly like the base game, but now there is also a Win Multiplier included which starts at 1x and increases by one with every win that you get. The win multiplier has no upper limit either, so again, you are only limited by the number of wins you manage to rack up. There is one symbol that you absolutely don’t want to see on your reels however, and that is the Heart Remover symbol. You might have already guessed it, but when this lands you will lose a life – and of course the Free Spin feature ends when all your lives have been used.

Finally there is the Win Exchange feature, which will trigger when you win at least 100x your stake during the base game. When this happens, you can exchange your win to trigger the Heart Bonus Round directly. Additionally, if you get a win of 25-99x your stake, you can choose to gamble your win for the possibility of triggering the Heart Bonus Round.


Chanz verdict

We can admit straight on that this might not be the most interesting looking slot out there, as the graphics are really quite basic and somewhat similar to all the other games from Big Time Gaming. However, the features this one packs in it really surprised us in a good way and we had really fun time playing it. Like we mentioned, the Heart Bonus Free Spin round is really where all the action is, and that indeed does get your heart racing while you are just hoping that the feature continues indefinitely like it theoretically could. Head to to get in on the action yourself!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.

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