Treasures of Kilauea

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Treasures of Kilauea

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Kilauea is a real, active volcano located in the Hawaiian islands, and now it’s also the star of this new tropical slot from Microgaming! Treasures of Kilauea has quite common layout setup consisting of five reels with four rows in each, creating a total of 40 winlines – but where this game really shines are the innovative repeating features it has. Lets take a closer look of those!



There really is a lot in this game when it comes to its features. You have a couple of different Wild features that work in cycles, three different free spin feature variations and five different jackpots with fixed jackpot amounts.

When you first open up the game you will notice that there are two different counters and three additional symbols on top of your normal reels, and these are all somehow related to the different features of the slot. The counters are spin counters counting down spins until a feature is activated, and the jackpot can be won by landing a jackpot symbol in the golden frame position of the three extra symbols.

Now all Volcano symbols that you land on your reels during the normal gameplay will create a lava frame on the spot they landed which sticks on the position. The leftmost counter which starts from 10 spins counts down to a feature which will transform all the positions with lava frame into Wild symbols. Once the feature is triggered, the lava frames are removed and the counter starts over from 10.

The counter on the right side is counting down to the Eruption Spins feature which happens every 50th spin. This adds little bit extra spice to the first feature, as now after the lava frames have been turned into wilds thanks to the first feature, the volcano erupts and shoots additional wild symbols into your reels. All of these wilds will also have a win multiplier of 2x, which can create some massive hits!

Finally we have the Free Spin feature, where you can select from three different variations offering different levels of volatility. You need minimum of 3 Scatter symbols on your reels to trigger it, and here are the variations you can choose from:

3 Scatters: 15 free spins with 5 wilds OR 10 free spins with 7 wilds OR 5 free spins with 10 wilds
4 Scatters: 30 free spins with 5 wilds OR 20 free spins with 7 wilds OR 10 free spins with 10 wilds
5 Scatters: 45 free spins with 5 wilds OR 30 free spins with 7 wilds OR 15 free spins with 10 wilds


Chanz verdict

We really enjoyed playing this one! The countdown features are something we haven’t seen in too many slots so the idea feels fresh. It also makes the base game grinding lot more interesting and exciting, when you know that the next feature trigger is just around the corner and never further away than 10 spins! Travel to the tropical island to meet the volcano yourself at!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.