VaultCracker – Red Tiger

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VaultCracker – Red Tiger

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There is something about Hollywood-style big well planned heists that gets your blood pumping and you rooting for the heist to be successful. Red Tigers new release VaultCracker takes a light-hearted approach to the heist theme with it’s cartoon-style graphics and simple gameplay.



You would think that cracking safes open is a stressful job for anyone, but VaultCracker runs on five reels and 10 winlines, so the basic setup of the game is very simple and easy to follow. No need to try and keep track of crazy amount of winlines or symbols, as here you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the game!

The key feature of this game resolves heavily around the vaults, or rather safes, that you want to crack open. There are three different kind of safes that can land on your reels during the basegame, each of which will provide you with a nice cash prize when cracked open;

Steel Safe: Cash prize of up to 5x your stake
Bronze Safe: Cash prize of up to 15x your stake
Gold Safe: Cash prize of up to 30x your stake

However to actually crack open all the safes which landed on your reels, you also need to land a Hold-up Artist -symbol on the fifth reel. This symbol can only appear on the last reel and once it lands there, it will automatically crack all the safes open which are on your reels during the same spin collecting all the cash prizes inside.

Another special symbol to keep an eye for is the Heist Master -symbol. He resembles a superhero with his confident stance and muscular built and he is clearly ready for some serious action – and that is exactly what he brings with him! This symbol can only land on the middle reel and will then trigger the Safe Heist -feature, which is essentially the “free spins feature” of this game.

During the Safe Heist -feature only blanks or safes can land on your reels. Each time you land a new safe on your reels you will also get a respin. There is also a Second Chance -feature which is activated if you landed only blanks on your reels. Like the name suggests, here you get a second chance at continuing the feature, which is determined by a wheel spin. When the feature is activated for the first time, you have a 25% chance of getting busted by the cops (and ending the feature) and 75% chance of getting away from the cops (and continuing the feature). The chance of getting busted will increase 25% more each time you activate the Second Chance -feature, so next time it will be 50/50, then 75/25 in favour of being busted and so on.

The Safe Heist -bonus is also where the big payouts are, as there is a special Diamond symbol which can be unlocked if you fill all the other spots in your reels with safes. If you manage to do that, you can expect a huge payout up to 1,410x your stake, which is also the maximum win you can get from this game on a single spin!


Chanz verdict

We feel like this game could be suitable for pretty much anyone to enjoy. Even though the theme resolves around robbing safes, the game itself is almost cute with its graphics and definitely brings a smile on your face with the silly characters. So start forming your masterplan and crack those safes open yourself at!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.

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