Viivikonna – the abandoned city

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Urban Exploration by Chanz

If you are looking for something what is not filled with tourists, and like ghost cities, then Viivikonna in Estonia is place for you to visit! This place is easily reachable with car and it only takes around 2 hours to drive here from Tallinn. So why not rent a car, and visit Narva and Sillamäe at the same trip, definetly worth your time!


Viivikonna has a long history already from Soviet times, really dark one. During the 2nd worldwar the city was filled with prisoners by Nazis and they build the city. You can see it from the style of the buildings, it is quite stalinistic. The downhill of the town begun in 1974 when the mine located here was closed.

There is still few people living in here despite it does not have any electricity or running water since the beginning of year 2000. City is located near Narva and Russian border, around 30 km away.

If you are interested of old, abandoned places, here you will have something to see for hours. Remember to take any refreshments and snacks with you, since there is no services in the city. Mobilephones are working somehow in the area. When exploring the area, please respect the few remaining people still living in there.


How to get here

It is really simple, you need to have a car, or maybe a bicycle will do. Navigation systems will find this place easily. Just start following the road to Narva from Tallinn. There is a good place to have small break after Rakvere (which itself is worth to visit) in the Olerex service station that is open 24/7 and serves also food. It takes around 2.5 hrs to drive here, and the road is in excellent condition.


Read our article of Sillamäe, that is located ca. 12 km from Viivikonna.

If you are looking for more exciting places to visit, why not try the prison of Patarei in Tallinn?


Check the pictures from our visit below. Click one of the pictures to enter the gallery mode!