Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette – Microgaming

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Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette – Microgaming

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“It’s just like a regular roulette, but much better. Because of me”, these are the words Vinnie Jones himself said in the promo video for the original Vinnie Jones Roulette by Microgaming, and this is still very much the case for this second version, Vinnie Jones Stories Roulette, as well!



There is really not that much to go over with this release, since at its core it’s just your normal European style Roulette game, and plays exactly like the original Vinnie Jones Roulette. However, now Vinnie is not working as the croupier any longer and instead you get to hear an interesting story from him with each game round.

In this new version Vinnie is accompanied by the female co-host Rachel, who also starts each game round and gets the ball rolling. Once the round has started, Vinnie will answer some questions from fans or tell an otherwise interesting story of himself or his career while you are waiting for the round results to come in. The videos are pre-recorded in high definition quality, which also assures that there is no chance of mistakes happening like could happen when it’s all live and with a live dealer.


Chanz verdict

Overall this is a great roulette game, especially if you are fan of Vinnie Jones. But even if you are not, the stories he tells are very entertaining and therefore a very welcome addition for the otherwise boring time when you are just waiting for the ball the stop to see the result of the round. So unless you actually enjoy a complete silence while waiting, give Vinnie’s stories a Chanz and try the game yourself at!


Play responsibly. 18/21+.