Visit to Kasside Turvakodu in Tallinn

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Kasside Turvakodu


Chanz staff was priviledged to visit this wonderful place that is run completly by volunteers and donations. Currently the cat shelter in Tallinn city center has approx. 50 cats, and maximum to take in is around 60 felines. 

We met Laura and Küllike, who have both volunteered there some time, and had a short interview with them. This will be published as podcast later on in co’operation with Finnish podcast station Kattiradio.

At the end of this article you will also find some pictures taken during our visit.

General information

Kasside Turvakodu has been operating since 2004, and they moved to the current premises in 2007. It is a so called “No Kill” shelter, and the cats are coming from other shelters, that dont have space for them anymore or some other reason. All cats are vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, and vet checked regularly. Kasside Turvakodu has 2 safe houses, one in Tallinn City Center, and one in Viimsi, just outside the Tallinn.

Daily Routines in the shelter

The furry felines are attended and taken well care in the house. The day starts in the morning by cleaning, checking the cats wellbeing, feeding them and there will be time for playing with the cats also! The work is never done, and there is several shifts and volunteers attending the daily routines. If you are living in Tallinn and want to volunteer, you will find the contact details at the end of this article.


Adoption Process

Yay! Forever Home! That is what everyone wants! There is a process if you want to adopt a cat from here that needs to be followed. You will be required to fill in a form with your details. There will be also an interview, that you understand how to take care of your new family member. Having a pet is not just fun, there is obligations. What if your pet gets sick? Can you afford the treatments? Do you know what kind of food your pet eats? There is lots of responsibilities, and Kasside Turvakodu staff wants to make sure that you are aware of them.  You can find all the purrfect felines available for adoption from here.


Chanz and our friend Ira Weckström donated some food and supplies during our visit, and you are also more than welcome to do it. They accept gladly all kind of donations, and also have bankaccount where you can donate money for the operative costs:

Receiver: MTÜ Kasside Turvakodu
IBAN: EE712200221035355855

In Estonia you can donate via phone: 10 EUR by calling 9006700 and 5 EUR via 9006575. If you want to volunteer, please contact them via email

You can also check the Facebook page and the homepage for Kasside Turvakodu for more information.