Winter is here – remember reflector!

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Reflector – Finnish creation

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Did you know, that this life saving small equipment is originally a finnish invention? There was earlier patents for traffic signs in Usa though, but the actual pedestrian/vehicle reflector was invented by mr Arvi Lehti. At first, it was not ment for pedestrians, but instead of his horses and carriages. In the 1960’s the reflector was introduced to Finns as safety equipment for pedestrians. Now they come in all kind of shapes and colours and are also attached to bicycles and other vehicles.


How does it work?

It works by reflecting light back to its source. When you wear it, it help car drivers to see you even as far as 600 meters away! Most of todays reflectors are made of plastic or use prismatic technology.


Chanz and reflectors

We at Chanz have our own reflectors aswell! Recently we had a small event in Tallinn for local expats, where we gave out them to people! The event was held in Baar Living Room Ät, which is a nice and cosy pub for some drinks 🙂












Stay safe and wear a reflector!